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Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration

Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration Wednesday January 24th from 4:45 pm to 6 pm We have been asked to do some more of our Energy Demonstrations so we decided to do Body & Emotion Code Energy Evaluation info and demonstration this time. This is a thorough physical of body, mind and spirit. We will show you how we find and ... Read More »

Growing and moving offices!

growing moving offices

Hi everyone, Welcome to our beautiful new energy healing office! We are growing and moving offices. We are so excited to announce we are moving to our new location April 15, 2016 on Willow Creek in Prescott, AZ. The address is 1670 Willow Creek Rd. Suite A, Prescott, AZ 86301. We are opening April 16, 2016! We will be offering Reiki Workshops, Open house energy ... Read More »

What is the difference between Healings and Courses with Attunements?

What is the difference between a Healings and Courses with Attunements? We have had some questions regarding the difference in Healings and Courses and Attunements. I hope the following helps. A Healing is when the Energy Healer works on (through the Universal Life Force Energy) clearing and balancing your energy field, Chakras, removing blockages and Negative Energy. A Healing works on all ... Read More »

Scientific Proof that Natural Energy Healing and Reiki Work

This is an article for all your critiques and skeptics out there. 🙂 I have taken some information from  several sources and articles for reference. The only evidence I personally need is that it helped me heal from a brain injury, but I realize people like, and need proof.  The following  is all very good information and there is much more! By: John Assaraf ... Read More »

Do I have to be a Reiki Master to do Attunements or Courses?

I have received some questions on the Attunements and Courses we offer, so I thought this might help. 🙂 1. Do I have to be a Reiki Master or Healer to order these Courses or Attunements? The courses we offer are for anyone! There are some courses/attunements that you have to be a Reiki Master to ‘pass’ the attunements for but ... Read More »

What to expect before, during and after Long Distance Healing?

We have received many questions regarding long distance healings and what to expect, so I thought I would try to make it simple. I hope this helps! 🙂 1. What happens during long distance Healing? “You, the client should be in a place where you can relax for an hour or two and where you won’t be disturbed.  Play some relaxing ... Read More »


 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki The word Reiki is defined as Universal or Spiritual (Rei) – Life Force or Energy (Ki). The Reiki system is a simple and powerful system. It can help develop a sense of wholeness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It means “Usui-style spiritual energy healing therapy”. Reiki is a system of natural healing. Healing is ... Read More »

Long Distance Healing

Remote or absent healing is starting to become the new buzzword as Reiki has grown and more and more people are becoming more conscious. If it didn’t help me with my brain injury, and I didn’t FEEL’ it, I might not have believed it either! People are wondering what it is and if distant Reiki energy healing is even possible ... Read More »