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Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration

Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration Wednesday January 24th from 4:45 pm to 6 pm We have been asked to do some more of our Energy Demonstrations so we decided to do Body & Emotion Code Energy Evaluation info and demonstration this time. This is a thorough physical of body, mind and spirit. We will show you how we find and ... Read More »

Body Code Evaluation & Re-Evaluation

Body Code Evaluation & Re-Evaluations What is an Energy Evaluation? One of the things we like to recommend to our clients is to get an Energy Evaluation. (Especially first time clients) It is a thorough, written evaluation where we check Body, Mind and Spirit. It is similar to  getting a physical, but with many more aspects that can not be found on ... Read More »

Energy Information & Demonstration

FREE EVENT! Saturday Oct. 29th, 2016 11:45-12:45pm (MST) WE WILL BE STREAMING LIVE FROM PRESCOTT, AZ  AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME! PLEASE SHARE! This months topic will be Toxins and Pathogens. Do you feel like you have a toxin, bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite that you can’t get rid of? Tried other things with no cure? We can find and release any of ... Read More »