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Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration

Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration Wednesday January 24th from 4:45 pm to 6 pm We have been asked to do some more of our Energy Demonstrations so we decided to do Body & Emotion Code Energy Evaluation info and demonstration this time. This is a thorough physical of body, mind and spirit. We will show you how we find and ... Read More »

Body Code Evaluation & Re-Evaluation

Body Code Evaluation & Re-Evaluations What is an Energy Evaluation? One of the things we like to recommend to our clients is to get an Energy Evaluation. (Especially first time clients) It is a thorough, written evaluation where we check Body, Mind and Spirit. It is similar to  getting a physical, but with many more aspects that can not be found on ... Read More »

Newest Attunements-Energy Healings, Courses Added (As of 6/05/15)

Here is our Newest Attunements-Energy Healings, Courses Added (As of 6/05/15) **Self Esteem Reiki-It is not uncommon to struggle with issues of self esteem at different times in our lives. Often low esteem is triggered because we judge ourselves harshly or because someone in our lives has treated us poorly either in the recent or distant past. The Divine gives ... Read More »