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There are thousands of Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters who have received their training online and received attunements distantly.

How can this be?

Reiki knows no boundaries! Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy from Source Energy.


Does your Life’s Purpose involve healing

yourself and others?

We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves because we all have Source energy living within us. A Reiki Practitioner/Master is the conduit of the Universal Life Force Energy that initiates the healing energy within others, and does not heal others themselves.  Therefore, channeling this Life Force Energy heals the client and the practitioner both. Reiki is simple to learn if your heart and mind are open to being that conduit for Source.



Reiki Benefits

  • Heals the Physical Body

  • Calms the Mind

  • Brings Peace to the Spirit





Contrary to what some may think, Learning Reiki does not have to occur in a classroom, nor does it have to come at a high expense!


Dr. Mikao Usui, known as the founder Reiki.

One day, Usui-Sensei climbed Mt. Kurama, where he began to do penance while fasting. Suddenly on the twenty first day from the start, he felt a great REIKI over his head, and at the same time as he was spiritually awakened he acquired the REIKI cure. When he tried it on his own body and members’ of his family also, it brought an immediate result on them.

Having said “It is much better to give this power widely to a lot of people in the world and enjoy it among them than to keep it exclusively by his family members,” Usui-Sensei moved his dwelling to Aoyama Harajuku, Tokyo in April, 1922 and established an institute, where the REIKI cure was instructed openly to the public and the treatment was given, too. 

Dr. Usui believed in the importance of sharing Reiki with as many people as possible.  He did not have a teacher who taught him. In fact, we was on Mount Kurama all by himself when he experienced it!

Dr. Usui trained Mrs Takata and Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a Naval commander in the Naval Reserve and they traveled the world teaching and healing. After Dr Usui passed, Dr. Hayashi became the ‘leader’ of Reiki. Dr. Hayashi is credited with formalizing the system of hand postions and attunement levels for use in a more clinical health oriented practice.

Is Self-Instruction and Online Learning Possible?

YES it is!

Reiki One Reiki Two Master Reiki

Distant Reiki Online Learning is self paced. You learn as you go, which often times can be better than in the classroom setting. You set your own schedule. You can review information as many times as you like, making sure you understand everything completely before moving forward.



This Program’s Details

  • Certified Full Course offered (Including Master level)  reikiteachingmanualmp3

  • Learn at your own pace PDF booklet

  • Power points

  • MP3 and Video’s with all instructions and illustrations

  • 7 Long Distance Attunements 

  • Certificate and lineage

  • Unlimited email support






Attunements are also delivered to you Distantly. Some people feel nothing, some fall asleep and feel at peace, while others experience a lot more!



Become a Healer using Distant Learning Reiki

A Simple, Highly Effective and Affordable Way

These Distant Learning Courses, from Reiki Level I to Master Level teaches you how to become an effective Reiki Practitioner and feel comfortable and confident working on yourself and others without the large cost of schools and other Master teachers.

Why are some Reiki Courses so expensive?

It is believed that the reason some teachers charge so much is based off of Mrs. Takata who became a Reiki Master attuned by Dr. Hayashi.  Her story is below.

Mrs. Takata was sick, entered a hospital and stated that she was diagnosed with a tumor, gallstones, appendicitis and asthma.  She was told to prepare for an operation but opted to visit Hayashi Sensei’s clinic instead.  She was unfamiliar with Reiki but was impressed that the diagnosis of Reiki practitioners at the clinic closely matched the doctor’s at the hospital. She began receiving treatments. Two Reiki practitioners would treat her each day. The heat from their hands was so strong, she said, that she thought they were secretly using some kind of equipment. Seeing the large sleeves of the Japanese kimono worn by one, she thought she had found the secret place of concealment. Grabbing his sleeves one day she startled the practitioner, but, of course, found nothing. When she explained what she was doing, he began to laugh and then told her about Reiki and how it worked.

Mrs. Takata got progressively better and in four months was completely healed. She wanted to learn Reiki for herself. In the spring of 1936 she received First Degree Reiki from Dr. Hayashi. She then worked with him for a year and received Second Degree Reiki. Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii in 1937, followed shortly thereafter by Hayashi Sensei and his daughter who came to help establish Reiki there. In February of 1938 Hayashi Sensei initiated Hawayo Takata as a Reiki Master.

To summarize Takata Sensei’s Reiki background, she traveled from Hawaii to Japan to tell her parents about the death of her sister. Having been diagnosed with several ailments, the main one being asthma, she was guided to Hayashi Sensei’s clinic in Tokyo and after receiving four months of Reiki treatments was completely cured.  She wanted to learn Reiki in order to continue treating herself and also to take it back to Hawaii to share with others. Hayashi Sensei allowed her to work at his clinic and also began giving her Reiki training. She worked one year at the clinic and eventually received the Shinpiden level (Reiki Master). Hayashi Sensei officially acknowledged this in Hawaii on February 21, 1938, and also stated that she was one of thirteen Reiki Masters trained by him.

Takata Sensei practiced Reiki in Hawaii, establishing several clinics, one of which was located in Hilo on the Big Island. She gave treatments and initiated students up to Reiki II. She became a well-known healer and traveled to the U.S. mainland and other parts of the world teaching and giving treatments. She was a powerful healer who attributed her success to the fact that she did a lot of Reiki on each client. She would often do multiple treatments, each sometimes lasting hours, and she often initiated members of a client’s family so they could give Reiki to the client as well.

It was not until after 1970 that Takata Sensei began initiating Reiki Masters. She charged a fee of $10,000 for Mastership even though the training took only a weekend. This high fee was not part of the Usui system, and she may have charged this fee as her way of creating a feeling of respect for Reiki.  She said that one should never do treatments or provide training for free, but should always charge a fee or get something in return.

Reiki is meant for everyone!

You do not have to pay large sums of money to learn healing that is meant for you and everyone! Reiki can not be patented. It is a Spiritual Experience.






 It is recommended to receive a healing first before taking any courses to help the energies work better, more quickly and adapt to your energy, but not necessary.

Attunements and PDF Courses can be sent separately for Client’s specific needs.

Client can ‘call in’ these Energies to their energy field (forever) and used when needed.

These are great energies for Healers and Lightworkers to improve their practice and themselves, but you do NOT have to be a practitioner to use most of these energies, unless you want to pass attunements.

Order Your Distant Reiki Training TODAY!

A PDF Course will be sent by email,  along with instructions on how to receive energies/attunements.

It takes about 25 to 45 minutes to receive energies either in person or long distance.

Prices vary depending on how many attunements per course and specific needs.

Inquire within and check Blog for more information.

**Disclaimer. Energy healing cannot guarantee healing, as in any treatment.  Please see your physician if you have any concerns.

You can learn Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki Distant or In-Person. See Below for details.

Distant Learning

You will receive the course material within 24 hours via PDF  file by email and the attunement within 1 to 4 days.

For an information packet, email us on the form on Contact Page (We will not spam you! :-))

KundaliniActivation/Reiki-Certified Course or Healing

Kundalini Reiki is a straightforward healing technique. It is a complete system of energetic healing in its own right. However, it can also be used to strengthen the channeling and healing capacity of those attuned to other healing systems such as Usui Reiki, Ama Deus Shamanic Healing and Violet Flame. Many feel that Kundalini Reiki has the advantage of reaching beyond the capacity of other energetic healing systems by harnessing the earth energy as well as the spiritual energy. See Blog page for more information-Healing or Course-9 Attunements can be given in person or long distance.

Course includes all material, PDF, long distance or in person attunements, Certification and unlimited support. Special price $199.00 USD

Read More/Purchase HERE

Usui Reiki Course– 

This is where Universal Life Force was discovered, founded and how most of the energy courses developed. This is a great place to start if you want to use and learn and heal with the Universal Life Force Energy.

The word Reiki is defined as Universal or Spiritual (Rei) – Life Force or Energy (Ki). The Reiki system is a simple and powerful system. It can help develop a sense of wholeness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It means “Usui-style spiritual energy healing therapy”.

Reiki is a system of natural healing. Healing is given by placing hands on or near the (fully clothed) recipient and the Reiki Energy flows through the practioner and into the recipient through their hands. The energy for healing is not generated by the practioner. It is channeled from the Universal Life Force Energy through the practioner. Reiki healing can be given by distance as the student becomes more advanced.

Simple, Full Course, including Learn at your own pace with PDF manuals for all levels,  and unlimited email support. All Attunements, material, illustrations, certificate, lineage, included. $199.00 USD (Limited time) Much more information on Blog page under Usui Reiki.


In Person Learning

Reiki Master Rita Rooks teaches Reiki Level I, II, and Master Course Workshops periodically throughout the year in Prescott Arizona.  For details on the next Workshops being offered,

Please Click HERE for Upcoming Classes/Workshops!


Reiki Level I Course Workshop Reiki Level II Course Workshop Reiki Master Level Course Workshop

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