Reiki Level II Workshop Course


Reiki Level II Workshop Course




The 2nd Degree is the next giant step towards understanding and becoming fully attuned to Reiki.


Everyone who wants to study and master the second degree must first have already completed the first degree either in a workshop or a home study course.


Students need to have been given the first degree attunements and the knowledge required to skillfully work with Reiki. Unlike the first degree, students normally would have obtained experience, skill and a level of intuitive understanding towards the unlimited power of Reiki.

Most second degree students no longer fear or harbour scepticism towards Reiki. They are normally enthusiastic and excited about the prospect of enhancing their skills and understanding. It is often recommended that the student/practitioner takes time after the first degree workshop to assimilate; and incorporate the teachings of Dr. Usui into their practice and daily life, before attending a second degree workshop. Make sure you are attending the second degree workshop for the right reasons.

Like the first degree, most people feel they are drawn at the appropriate time to the next level of Reiki. Often an event or strong feeling can direct you towards this new path. The main criteria for attending the workshop is that you personally feel ready to go forward with Reiki.


Trying To Understand How the Second Degree Works

It is almost impossible to explain how second degree Reiki actually works in a way that everyone can understand and accept it. To try to scientifically and logically grasp how the universal life force functions is beyond human intelligence. Like so many things in life, although we do not fully understand how they work we still use them to improve our lives.

Many people would find it extremely difficult to explain how electricity, televisions, faxes, computers, telephones and microwaves or the internet works for example. However, not being able to comprehend how they work doesn’t stop people from using them. Likewise, although no-one can completely explain how Reiki works it shouldn’t stop you from using and trusting in its ability to improve your life and the lives of the people you work with.

When you study, experience and work with the teachings and techniques of the second degree you will be able to make your own judgement on how you feel it works. Alternatively you could simply do what we recommend and just believe in its Infinite wisdom and let go of any doubts and fears.


What you will learn in Reiki II


The five Reiki principles which are taught in Reiki Level 1 are based on the three pillars of Reiki:

 Gassho: Pronounced – Gash-Show

 Reiji-Ho: Pronounced – Ray-Gee-Hoe

 Chiryo: Pronounced – Chi-Rye-Oh


These symbols are the keys that give the practitioner access to the full potential of the universal life force. There are three major new skills gained through the study of second degree Reiki.The second degree brings new possibilities. After the initiation ceremony the second degree practitioner is taught how to use the sacred Reiki symbols.



They are as follows:



  • 1. The Reiki practitioner can increase and focus the universal life force. This can be used for self healing or to heal others.



  • 2. The Reiki practitioner can complete a full Reiki treatment in about 15 minutes compared to the 90 minutes normally required by a first degree practitioner. The Reiki practitioner can now help more people in less time.


  • 3. The Reiki practitioner can send distant healing across time and space. Through the symbols the second degree practitioner can connect to another person or being anywhere in the universe — either in the past, present or in the future.





Reiki Level II Course Workshop $175

The price for the weekend class with all the materials, including manual, MP3 audio, power point slides, PDF manual, Reiki music, hands on training from Intuitive Reiki Master Rita Rooks

Deposit of $25.00 must be received to hold your spot. To reserve your spot see below.


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Love & Light


Rita Rooks

Usui Reiki Master



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