Ongoing Weekly Classes


EVERY Wednesday 


Qigong-first 28 minutes from 10:00 to 10:28-$5.00

Easy Stretch-second 28 minutes from 10:30-10:58-$5.00

Meditation-third 28 minutes from 11:00-11:28-$5.00

If you would like to do two or all three of the classes, it will be $10.00 total.

Qigong is very easy. It is called the art of effortless power. It can improve circulation, reduce stress and pain, improve sleeping, open the meridians and chakra’s and move trapped energy.  We do standing fluid movements, deep breathing, accupressure points, stimulation and knock on the door of life and other areas to improve organs and circulation.

Our stretching is easy and we target the low back, hips, quads, hamstrings and do a little light yoga.

Meditation is guided or not (depending on what the group wants) with some guidance on how to meditate if needed.

We listen to music that is tuned to healing frequencies to raise your vibrations! When your vibration is higher, it helps your immune system and makes it harder for disease to grow and spread.
We hope to see you there! Beginners welcome! No stress allowed!

Space is limited, so please RSVP HERE. Thank you!

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