Detox Symptoms


When we receive deep Healing or Attunements, or our new CBD Oils,  it can sometimes trigger a long term healing process for some of us. It’s a process and it can come in cycles. Particularly when we have had many years of illness or dysfunction in our lives, we must allow time for these layers to peel away. It took many years for them to build up and our system has stored many memories of the traumas associated with these things. All of these must be cleared out. Letting go of these things and forming new patterns can be very painful, even though it sounds like it can be a joyful thing.

What happens when people are healing?

Inner work and shifts take place in the life of the person being healed. It usually takes us many years to become ill.  Many layers of repressed emotions, trauma, abuse, neglect, dysfunction, can take some time to heal. It can be an uncomfortable process sometimes, to heal, as we clear old ‘stuff’ out of our system and we start healing on all levels.

To change our lives, we must allow for things to be shaken up. The Universe will bring into our lives just what we need. When we are open to it, we don’t resist the changes or the downloadlessons they bring. It doesn’t mean that there will not be discomfort, but remember births often bring a healthy level of discomfort with them. If you have had more illness or upheaval in your life since becoming ‘attuned’ or have had deep healings, try taking a look at the possibilities why that may be. Allow yourself to grieve away the old life that lifts away from you. Understand the fear that comes with facing new things. Ask for guidance from the Universe and Angels and Guides. Ask for peace and don’t forget to keep doing self- healing.


S240_f_66151254_ohuqrwiehvzutviqw0b2gdjfjkloqgh5ome of the ‘run off’ symptoms you may experience are irritability, cold symptoms, headache, lethargy and feeling emotional.

You may experience more vivid dreaming than normal or you may feel restless while trying to sleep. These can be difficult, but they should not last more than a couple of days. If it last longer, than you probably had many years of illness and trauma.


Helpful  Suggestions During this Time

 Self Care

The best thing to do is listen to your body.

  • Stay Hydrated – Drink lots of water with lemon. Lemon, when absorbed in the body, has an alkaline effect and lowers the acidity in the body reducing inflammation.

  • Do a detox soak or take CBD detox capsules or both. If you do not have these products, do a Epson Salt bath or Sea Salt and Baking soda bath. Rinse off after the bath to remove toxins. 
  • Make a tea of  Organic honey or water, lemon, honey, ginger, turmeric

  • Drink Herbal Medicinal Teas or take Herbal Tinctures.   Herbs provide nutrients of 240_f_54803975_d7mallxnuwh8ykotg7rtkxxkbmtqpsbtvitamins and minerals to help the physical body repair and heal. Herbs also work on the emotional body and assists emotional healing.

  • Use Essential Oils for physical and emotional detoxing.

  • Take Flower Essences which work on the emotional body.

  • Eat healthy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • If you are taking a new CBD product, take less until the symptoms subside. 
  • Rest when your body requires it.  When we are resting, it helps healing.

  • Be kind and patient with yourself

  • Listen to healing frequency music HERE

~Raise Your Vibrations~

The above suggestions allow you to raise your vibrations and ease detox symptoms. Plants vibrate at a higher frequency than pharmaceuticals and processed food. Feed your body higher vibrational foods and use natural remedies for healing pain and emotions.

*If possible, start doing some of the suggestions, like being hydrated and eating healthy, before you receive your healing sessions to help lessen your detox symptoms.

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240_f_94645946_hci43p6hfxhwaq1zca0i59pl6upeogfw**Please call or visit the office for Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Herbs to help assist you in reducing any detox symptoms you may experience.

If you are reading this before your treatment, then please ask about it at your appointment.

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Rita Rooks,

Licensed Nurse, Health Coach, BCCP, ECCP, Reiki Master (Usui & Tummo)