This is not your typical energy healing session where you lay down on a massage table, quietly, while your practitioner removes negative energy, and balances you. The body code might be, the most thorough energy healing system, that you will ever experience.  You will be able to participate and ask questions, without re-living each experience. Everything is energy and can be quickly found and released. Rita, your certified Body Code practitioner, will release emotions, trauma, toxins, pathogens, imbalances, negative energy, quickly and easily. If you are having an Energy Evaluation, we can ask your body what it needs for nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, foods, vitamins, detox and more.

BC/EC Session

Emotion Code & Body Code

Release & Balance Healing Session

This healing session is becoming our most popular session!

This is not your typical energy healing session where you lay down on a massage table, quietly, while your practitioner removes negative energy, and balances you. The body code might be, the most thorough energy healing system, that you will ever experience.  You will be able to participate and ask questions, without re-living each experience. Everything is energy and can be quickly found and released. Rita, your certified Body Code practitioner, will release emotions, trauma, toxins, pathogens, imbalances, negative energy, quickly and easily. If you are having an Energy Evaluation, we can ask your body what it needs for nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, foods, vitamins, detox and more.

If you are the kind of person that wants to know how, why, when and where your imbalances are, then Body Code was made for you!

Your subconscious mind is the ultra intelligent computer system of your body; it knows exactly what you need in order to achieve balance in the six key areas of health. We use specific questioning, charts and muscle testing (kinesiology) to get precise answers from your subconscious about imbalances in your body that need to be addressed.

Body and Emotion Code works on all levels to balance you. We work on Energies, Trapped Emotions, Misalignments in Organs, Glands, bones, Meridians, Entire Systems,  Nutrition & Lifestyle, Negative Energies, Disconnections, & More!

To release or correct an energetic imbalance, the Body Code combines 2 important elements: the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine.

A magnet acts as a powerful carrier for Rita’s intention to release or correct the imbalance in your body. When that magnetically charged intention energy is placed into your body via the Governing Meridian (a major energy channel in the acupuncture system), it flows through your body instantly and either releases the negative energy or restores balance to the energy circuit. The procedure is non-invasive and pain free. Other imbalances may require a remedy, which Rita may test your for and suggest accordingly.

The Body Code is a state of the art healing technique. It was developed by a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson who teaches that true healthy simply means being balanced in six different ways.


ENERGIES: To correct this area of imbalance, we use simple yet powerful energy work to indentify and remove damaging emotional and mental energies that can become trapped in the body during stressful emotional events.

CIRCUITRY: Here we balance the energy systems of the body including the chakra’s, the acupuncture meridians, the connection of the spiritual and physical body and the energy circuits of the organs and glands.

TOXICITY: The Body Code can identity and address toxic agents that don’t show up on medical tests as well as those that do. Removing them is simple and often even immediate!

PATHOGENS: Destructive and often elusive infections can be easily identified along with any necessary remedies to rid the body of them.

STRUCTURAL: Imbalance in the bones, organs, connective tissues, muscles, and nerves can be treated non-invasively to gently restore stability to the physical body.

NUTRTIIONAL: This can be straightforward nutrient deficiency as well as imbalances like dehydration, magnetic field deficiency or a need for a certain healing food or herb.

The Body Code is so effective because it allows us to find specific problems and simply remove them. There is no guessing game involved, just results!

Trapped emotions can be in our energy system for years, causing a ball of negative energy. This negative energy can negatively affect the surrounding tissues and organs, bringing vibrations lower and causing illness and disease.

With brain integration and Emotion code and Body Code training, Rita can find the trapped emotion and release it quickly, easily and permanently.  We can even find where it is located in the body and when it was taken on by our energy.  It has been proven by science now that trapped emotions can cause disease, illness and even cancer.


Heart wall: Many people have trapped emotions and even layers of emotions trapped around their heart. We call those trapped heart wall emotions as the subconscious can literally build an energetic wall around your heart to protect it. This causes depression, heart conditions, disconnection from self and others, and more.

Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ with us. The Emotion & Body Code is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped emotions. The Body Code helps us to do both more easily and effectively and can even show us what muscle, tendon, organ, bone or tooth, the underlying problem is, and when it occurred.

You may feel lighter and very different after these trapped emotions and trauma are released.  You will feel calmer, more connected, loving towards yourself and others.   This can be life changing as we get rid of anger, grief, abandonment issues and many other emotions that have lowered your energy vibrations.  These are subconscious emotions and you may not even be aware that you have them, but your energy system feels them as negative energy balls.  We bring these trapped emotions, trauma, and inflammation from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind and release them.

Science has proven, when two energies are together and one has a negative vibration and the other has a positive vibration, the positive vibration will take on the negative energy and vibrate negatively.

These trapped emotions can be inherited by previous generations and you will not even be aware of them consciously. We can receive them from other people, even in utero.  These trapped energies can also be energies that we have taken on by someone else. They can be as large as oranges or cantaloupes in our system.  These physical traumas, emotions, and inflammation can cause spirit attachments, spirit to physical disconnections, and negative entities to attach to our energy fields.  When are physical bodies are not balanced and there has been ongoing stress or trauma, it causes our spirit bodies to partially leave our physical bodies. It can cause rips in our energy field and make us vulnerable to such negative entities and energetic disconnections between organs, systems and much more.

This form of healing is truly life changing and recommended for everyone, even while unconscious,(children and animals benefit and can be cleared easily) as our subconscious minds are like computers and remembers everything, both good and bad. Our conscious minds remembers only 10%, our subconscious minds remembers  90%. We bring these trapped trauma’s from our subconscious to our consciousness to release.

Distant Body & Emotion Code

How does Body & Emotion Code work distantly?

Everything is energy. It is pure physics. We can connect to anyone anywhere with their permission, just as when we talk on a wireless phone or wireless computer, Wi-Fi, etc. We cannot see the connection when we are speaking on the phone or Wi-Fi, radio etc., but we know we are connected. Distant energy healing of all kinds, work the same way. We teach this in our Reiki II workshops as well. When we connect energetically at a distance, it is easier in way, as our aura’s are not in the way and we can find out where the person is, name, and get permission and connect energetically. If you are energetically sensitive, you will feel the releases, just as you do, if you were sitting next to us, in our healing center.  We do Reiki and Emotion and Body Code at a distant to people all over the world and always send your results via email. We get the same results as we do if you were here in our healing center. We offer several distant kinds of different distant sessions.

This session time varies. Your body will only allow so much to be released at a time.  It ranges from 30 to 70 minutes. You may need more than one session if there are many years of trapped emotions, trauma, disconnections, heart wall, etc.

Body & Emotion Code sessions can be done in person or by distant phone, skype, or email session.

Here are some recent comments regarding the Body Code:

Tyra: “I can’t believe that my neck pain is gone, I have had it for so long and it’s completely gone! I also feel more energized after the disembodied spirit was released! I had no idea! Thank you so much Rita!”

Peggy: “I came to you because my kidneys were not doing well and they wanted to put me on dialysis and I went to the Doctors and the numbers were better! No Dialysis for me, but I can’t believe all the other things that we released! Thank you, I will be back to release more when I think I need it for sure!”

Richard: “I can swallow easier and even move my neck more easily. I feel happier and my diabetes and kidney labs are better since seeing you.  I am amazed!”

Raquel: “I am only 24, how can I have all of that trapped inside of me? Don’t know how this works over the phone, I just know, I feel so much better and my immune system has improved so much! Thank you Rita!”

Lauran: “I have had trouble with addictions and many other things in the past.  I needed this so much.  I feel calmer, more balanced, lighter and so much more since seeing you! I have to move, but want to do more sessions, over the phone. Thank you. I can’t wait to release more. “

Melissa: “I have stuffed my emotions for so long and I know its affecting me, but I can’t believe how many things you found so easily and quickly! Thank you so much! I feel better and can’t wait to release all!”

 Body and Emotion Code Has Helped:

Acid Reflux                     ADD/ADHD                      Addiction

Abdominal Pain          Allergies               Anxiety

Arthritis          Asthma          Back  Pain

Bedwetting         Bell’s Palsy           Blood Pressure Problems

Cancer         Carpal Tunnel         Chest Pain

Chronic Fatigue         Chronic Infections         Colitis

Constipation        Crohn’s Disease          Depression

Diabetes       Digestive Problems      Dyslexia

Eating Disorders          Erectile Dysfunction            Fibromyalgia

Frigidity         Headache       Hip Pain

Hormonal problems          Hypoglycemia              Hypo/Hyperthyroidism

Impotency           Infertility              Insomnia

Irritable Bowel          Knee Pain           Learning Disabilities

Lupus         Migraines       Morning Sickness

Multiple Sclerosis                Neck Pain            Night Terrors

Obesity/Overweight              Organ Malfunction             Panic Attacks

Pakinson’s disease           Phobias              PTSD

Sciatica            Sinus Problems          Skin Problems

Tennis Elbow               Tinnitus               Vertigo   

The human body has a truly incredible innate ability to bounce back and heal itself from all kinds of stress, trauma, sickness and disease. But this self-healing ability is dependent on the right conditions; if the body is imbalanced, it won’t be able to heal itself as well as it should. This allows problems to build up over time, some never being fully resolved. Most people are in this kind of state and suffering from it, but the good news is that this process is often completely reversible. Every kind of imbalance that can affect the body is outlined in The Body Code and your certified practitioner, Rita has been trained to help you find and remove each of them, one by one. This is the most direct and most powerful way to restore health to the body, by making the conditions right for it to be rebalanced by itself. Working with The Body Code has helped thousands of people create a profound shift in their emotional and physical wellbeing. Try it today and watch your best possible health become your reality!

“There is an underlying reason for every illness, disease, pain, allergy, sleep disorder, digestion, dehydration etc. Let Body and Emotion code find it today!”

In person session – $97

Distant Session – $97



Complete Energy Evaluation-Recommended for 1st time clients.
A complete examination of imbalances in the body,  where they are, at what % each imbalance is, suggestions and recommendations of how to correct the imbalances, written in a complete evaluation form for you. This evaluation covers your immune system, and energetic blocks or imbalances,  it checks each of your organs and glands, the chakra system and negative energies,. It tests for any toxins, pathogens, fungus, viruses and parasites, misalignments and nutritional deficiencies-$197.00



Tune Up Special-Email Session- No appointment needed (for clients who have already experienced Body & Emotion Code previously or worked with Rita in the past and know what to expect) Work on one issue or whatever is most important to your body. We will email your session with everything we did. You can be at work or home or anywhere. No need to be resting for this session. Please email us where you will be when booking online in notes-$69.00

Please drink a lot of water prior and during your healing session! We need to be hydrated during Body & Emotion Code sessions, as this type of energy healing depletes our water in our energy system.

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Rita Rooks is the ONLY practitioner in the Prescott area Certified in BOTH Emotion Code and Body Code. Schedule your appointment today!

This is not intended to replace your medical advice. Please see your physician or health professional for medical advice.

Rita Rooks,

Retired Nurse, Health Coach, BCCP, ECCP, Reiki Master (Usui & Tummo)