About Founder and Owner of Attuned Reiki Master Energy Healing

Rita Rooks is the Founder and Owner of Attuned Master Energy Healing and is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner and an intuitive Natural Healer.

Rita’s story is very personal. She believes it is worth sharing in hopes that it will help others understand that everything happens for a reason. For all of the trials and tribulations we face in life, Rita has experienced pain and bad health in her lifetime, and she believes it was all intended so that she could know what its like to feel pain, loss, and illness as to help others and to show people how to heal even more! She has traveled a long and uphill road  before reaching her destination here.

Before entering this world, she was kicked in the head while in utero, which resulted in not being able to crawl. As a child she was regularly sick with colds, flu, and other stomach ailments. She was hospitalized for 3-4 concussions as a child, reasons ranging from car accidents to fainting and gymnastics. Rita was consistently told she was too “sensitive and emotional”.  She even found herself being able to communicate with animals and would bring them all home.

She has since learned that YES she IS very sensitive and emotional to other people’s feeling and emotions. She could always sense and feel what other people were going through, and what she didn’t realize was that sometimes their energy stayed with her. Back then Rita didn’t know she was empathic. However, with her current work she realizes that energy blocks began early as a small child because of her sensitivities and emotions, and all the painful memories of childhood.

Her gifts are Clairsentience (Clear Sensing), and Claircognizance, (Just Knowing). Clairsentients are often referred to as “psychic sponges” because they physically and psychically soak up the environment they’re in. They can feel people’s health challenges in their own bodies, for instance. Clairsentients continually need to do clearing exercises to keep themselves clear of other people’s stuff.

In adulthood, Rita was a successful Realtor in Michigan and then transitioned into an Investor in California. She realized that though she was financially successful at helping people find their dream home or helping people in foreclosure,  it wasn’t NEARLY enough to fill her soul of wanting to truly help people. At the age of 43, she made the decision to go to Nursing school and finish her original intention after high school. She had to repeat all of her classes, as in Nursing, skills and classes have to be recent. Although she was ecstatic about becoming a Nurse, she suffered with nerve pain, exhaustion, and other illnesses whilst her immune system was regularly low resulting in getting sick often.

Nursing school was very challenging and she juggled it with working full time.  She financially supported her children and herself which created a stressful environment and left Rita physically exhausted. Right before and during her Nursing years, struggling after her abundant years of real estate, she lost a lot of “things”. She divorced, and lost her home in foreclosure due to tenants vandalism, (which was ironic as she had helped many people in this terrible position). During those years, she also sustained 4-5 additional concussions and was again hospitalized like she was as a child with the previous concussions. Literally knocked on the head by the Universe, she has been told she always did too much. (She now realized why those concussions happened).

When we are NOT on our path doing what our Higher Self, the Universe, God, Great Spirit, Source, Divine, (or whatever you feel comfortable calling it) has intended our soul to be here doing, you WILL get knocked on the head or something equivalent! She just had been super stubborn and too busy to listen!

While working as a Hospice Nurse, Rita became even more aware of the spiritual world and how sensitive she truly is. She grew to be even more sensitive through seeing, hearing, and feeling things while with her patients as they crossed over.   Yet at home away from work, Rita would still know a patient passed in the night by getting woken up from a dead sleep and feeling them pass.

Unfortunately, after her last concussion while she was working as a Hospice Nurse in California, she was unable to work. This lead her on a search for natural healing as the traditional doctors did nothing for her. She tried EVERY Therapy and could NOT totally heal. She was nauseated, extreme fatigued, dizzy 24 hours a day, and couldn’t drive. A friend of hers had “healing” hands and helped, but Rita could not get enough, it seemed. Little did she know that her friend had some Reiki training and THAT was what her body needed and wanted!

After losing almost everything again, she moved to Arizona to help her parents as they were both ill as well. She knew she HAD to find something to help heal herself and her parents and she was beyond frustrated, still unable to heal completely and work, still not driving for over a year, spending all her savings on almost every other therapy! After many, MANY prayers, Her guides and angels finally directed her to this wonderful Reiki practitioner who did long distance healing. She literally was awakened when she felt the energy of this Master healer and immediately realized, this is what she was searching for! After just two long distant sessions with her, (after a year in a half of non function) while resting in her own room, she felt 40% better! She did a couple more sessions and she felt so much better in such a short period of time, she knew she had to learn this therapy! She took some Reiki and Energy Healing courses and she still continues to work on herself as much as possible.

The last piece of the missing puzzle for her was the Emotion Code and Body Code therapy. After receiving this therapy long distance, she learned this as well and has never felt better.  With the Emotion and Body Code, she was able to find and pinpoint her exact blockages, when they happened and found all the imbalances quickly and easily.  She has never felt better and she is so thankful for natural energy healing!

Because of Natural Energy Healing,  she is happy to report she is totally healed from her brain injury and feels better than ever! Both her parents are doing well also! She has never felt so clear, peaceful, happy, pain-free, well, and full of energy, as Reiki helps on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically.  Energy Healing can also protect your energy field so that negative energy can not attach to your aura.

Disease and illness are simply energy blocks. She learned this the hard way, so you DON’T have too!

 She has taken many courses and received over 50 different Energy attunements and counting as she ‘feels’, hears and knows the Universal Life Force energy that is flowing through her is so healing and she can’t wait to help as many people as she can! She is a Health Coach and loves to do energy evaluations to check a person on all levels. We check toxins, pathogens, immune system, heat walls, chakras, glands, organ imbalances, nutrients, vitamins, herbs and much more.


Rita had sustained another concussion in January 2017 and found high quality, high milligram CBD oils helped her symptoms, quickly and she could get back on her feet faster and work her business at Attuned Master Energy Healing. She loved them so much and could not stop talking about them so now has them at her office to purchase or you can order online at AttunedCBD.com. She has $50 gift cards available for you to try them. She is now a CBD educator as well, as CBD’s can help so many people. Her clients that are taking CBD’s along with Energy Healing seem to get better faster.

Message or Call Rita Rooks at 928-237-5377 on email her Contacts page, she would love to answer any questions and help as she specializes in long distance healing and can help anyone anywhere!

Love & Light,

Rita Rooks

Intuitive Natural Energy Healer

Usui Reiki Master

Kundalini Reiki Master

Health Coach


Retired Nurse

CBD Educator