Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration

Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration

Energy Evaluation Info & Demonstration

Wednesday January 24th from 4:45 pm to 6 pm

We have been asked to do some more of our Energy Demonstrations so we decided to do Body & Emotion Code Energy Evaluation info and demonstration this time. This is a thorough physical of body, mind and spirit. We will show you how we find and release toxins, pathogens, offensive energies, disconnections and more. This is a FREE event. Please find info below.

What is an Energy Evaluation?

One of the things we like to recommend to our clients is to get an Energy Evaluation. (Especially first time clients) It is a thorough, written evaluation where we check Body, Mind and Spirit. It is similar to getting a physical, but with many more aspects that can not be found on most traditional tests. It is the ‘big picture” of not only your physical body, but your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These are the things we check for and can find during an Energy Evaluation:

*Immune System Function
*Pathogens such as Mold, Parasites, Fungus, Bacteria, Viruses
*Toxins (such as medication toxins, Radiation, Metabolic Waste, Chemicals, Heavy Medals, Florescent light toxic energies, Dental Toxicities, *Microbial, Prions, Excesses, Cellular Toxic energies, Free Radicals, Stress Hormones, Scalar Energy, Sound, Microwave, The Six Pernicious influences, Food additives, Environmental Toxicities)
*Misalignments of Glands, Organs, Connective Tissue, Systems, Bones
*Circuits and Systems, which includes Chakra’s, Acupuncture System, Disconnections, Organs, Glands
*Physical Body and Spirit Disconnections
*Offensive Energies
*Post Traumatic Energies
*Mental Energies
*Addictive Heart Energies (Can cause you to be addicted to many different things)
*Allergies and Allergy Intolerances
*Emotional Energies
*Inherited Emotions
*Trapped Emotions
*Emotional Resonances (ringing in the energy body, that occurs after an emotional event)
*Heart Wall Trapped Emotions
*Heart Walls (how big and what they are made of)
*Psychic Trauma Energy (when two or more emotions get trapped at the same time)
*Physical Trauma Energy
*Miasm-An Inherited distortion of the energy field from a suppressed disease that occurred during an ancestor’s life (Influences the balance of body, mind, spirit)
*What is the percentage of brain messages reaching the rest of your body?
*What is the percentage of heart messages reaching the rest of your body?
*Spirit to Spirit disconnections of heart or other body parts (a tear or break in the spirit or energy body)
*Physical to Physical disconnections (a breakdown of connection and communication of two parts of the physical body)
*Spirit out of Body
*Morning Sickness (When there is a disconnection of any part of the pregnant mother and any part of the baby or baby’s support system)

When we find Toxins, Pathogens, negative energies or disconnections during the Energy Evaluation we can clear them. (as long as we do not do too much, and your body cannot let us clear anymore) We  clear as many energies during an Energy Evaluation as we do a Body and Emotion Code Session. We continue until our clients do get tired energetically to go on. (The Energy Evaluations takes from and hour and a half to two hours or more. We block 3 hours off our schedule.)
For more information on Energy Evaluations go here:

Rita Rooks is a Certified Body & Emotion Code practitioner, Intuitive Reiki Master, Retired Nurse, Health Coach and CBD educator. She helped Heart herself with all of these modalities from a brain injury.

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