August News! Reiki One Workshop, Open House, Testimonials & Specials

August News! Reiki One Workshop, Open House, Testimonials & Specials

What is new in August?

We have been so busy with our new CBD oils, educating, open houses and a lot of our clients are trying them and loving them. The clients that are doing both Energy Healing and CBD oils seem to start feeling better quicker! If you have not had a chance to come in and try them, please do.  You can make an appointment and we can test your body to see what products will work best for you. As you know, our higher self and sub conscious minds always know what we need! 🙂


Testimonial from Heather-anxiety, depression, medication
“I have suffered with instability in mood and emotional dysregulation for years, likely as a result of experiencing complex trauma. In my youth, I self-medicated with alcohol and other substances, which led to another can of worms! Once I made a decision to eliminate drugs and alcohol from my life, I was reliant upon psychotropic medication to manage symptoms of major depression disorder, cyclothimia, and generalized anxiety disorder.
I always knew that I did NOT want to take psychotropic medications, but my depression would get so bad at times that I would literally feel like I couldn’t breathe, and would be doubled over, sobbing uncontrollably, so I had to do something.
About three months ago, I met Rita, did Body and Emotion Code and was introduced to CBD. I started taking a generous dose (75mg) daily and was quickly surprised at how much lighter I felt emotionally. While taking the CBD, I tapered off my psychotropics over the course of 2-3 weeks, and am now no longer taking them at all. I haven’t had any issues with depression or anxiety whatsoever and feel better than I have in years! I have more energy, more focus, and am much more capable of managing daily life stressors.”
*Anecdotal Testimonial

Testimonial featuring Craig Jensen*
“I had been dealing with Gout for 6 years and have taken Indomethacin and Allopurinol to treat this condition. The doctor said I would be on these medicines for the rest of my life. Some of the side effects of taking the medicine was inflammation, weight gain because it effects your metabolism you are always tired. I did some research on CBD Oil and decided to give it a try because I didn’t like the effects of the medicine the doctors put me on. Within 2.5 weeks of being on the Revive Pro my Gout was gone.”
*Anecdotal testimony

Testimonial for Rita Rooks and Dad
Testimonial from Richard -shortness of breath, low kidney function, BP, Congestive heart failure
Dad wanted me to share this with you! He was in the hospital recently with shortness of breath and low kidney function. His health has been bad the last 30 years, with heart disease (2 quadruple bypasses, heart attacks, kidney failure, diabetes and overweight. He was not on CBD’s prior to going into hospital. I just had started taking them myself. I snuck them into the hospital and gave him some and he started feeling better and was released early. I also did Energy Healing on him in the hospital. The doctors and nurses we shocked! He has been on CBD’s ever since and when I went over there to take him to the doctors for a follow up visit, his bloodwork had improved and kidney function numbers too! Dr. said keep doing what he is doing!!. He was also able to get off of 02 during the day! He said he felt better than before going into the hospital and he said he knew it was from CBD’s and of course Energy Healing. He loves Reiki and Body and Emotion Code.  Yeah Dad!!!
*Anecdotal Testimonial


Testimonial from Monique
“I suffered from Anxiety, Depression and Ptsd. I was on pharmaceuticals for years and have been off of them for 5 years due to how awful those meds made me feel. Pharmaceuticals, in my opinion are just “Band Aids” and had so many side effects. I have been searching high and low for something and I found it! Triple lab tested CBD. We need a minimum of 50mg per day. Children need 25mg a day. I no longer suffer from any of those ailments. My life feels so free and I finally feel normal. Its amazing what happens when you fuel your Endocannabinoid system with CBD. Your Cb1 receptors (brain) and your Cb2 receptors internal organs are firing puts your body into homeostasis (balance) I am beyond thankful and greatful for CBD!!! IT’S CHANGED MY LIFE .”
*Anecdotal Testimonial


What is our Endocannabinoid System and how do we feed it?

Why It’s Been Difficult For Researchers to Investigate Benefits of Cannabinoids

Open House

August 25  10am-2pm 

We helped so many people at our last Open House with some quality one on one time, we thought we would have another Friday, August 25th.

  • Do you have questions about Energy Healing?
    What is Body Code & Emotion Code?
    What is Reiki? Reiki Workshops?           
  • CBD Oils? Benefits? Is it Legal? Would you like to try them at the Open House? 
    Crystals? Healing benefits? Buy them at Open House at 10% off
    Qigong/meditation/stretch Classes? What is Qigong? When are classes? What can we expect? 

Our Open House is a great opportunity to come and chat on all the different ways we can heal our physical bodies, mental bodies, emotional bodies and spiritual bodies! Please RSVP, thanks and looking forward to seeing you!

RSVP to our Open House

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We would like to extend a $50 gift card to my family, friends and clients. (for those of you interested in CBD packages, to buy at wholesale prices). 
Email Rita or reply to this email!



Will I detox during Energy Healing Sessions or while on CBD and Bi-Bong herbal formulas?
We get asked this question often. What is detox? Why do we get it and what are the symptoms of detox?
Read More on Detox

Detox Symptoms

QIGONG/EASYSTRETCH/MEDITATION Class EVERY Wednesday at 10am-11:30 am. Take one class or all three! $5 drop in fee or $10 for all three! Space is limited so please RSVP on our meetup sight below or reply to this email! WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT QIGONG IS THAT IS EASY TO LEARN AND ANYONE CAN DO IT! You can learn here and practice at home. The more you do Qigong, the better you will feel.  Even ten minutes a day of this easy practice will help you! This was one of the very few things I could do physically with my brain injury and it helped my energy levels, pain and stress. I developed this combination of classes while I had a brain injury to increase my energy, decrease my stress and stretch my atrophied muscles to keep and try and stay in shape.

Reserve space for Qigong/meditation/stretch Class

Prescott Qigong/Stretch/Meditation

Prescott, AZ
373 Naturals, yogis, meditators

This is a group for anyone who wants to learn how to activate their inner chi, (Qigong)de-stress, deep breathing, flowing movements, improve energy, well being, stretch, and r…

Next Meetup


Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017, 10:00 AM
3 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

New Services

*Reiki AND Body & Emotion Code Session-90 minutes
(Great combo, if you are not sure which one you want) This is quickly becoming our favorite healing session!

*Personal appointment to come in to see what you need at our healing center.  Rita will personally muscle test you and ask what CBD PRODUCTS, crystals, essential oils, flower essences and herbs you may need to help you heal.  This is a FREE 15 minute service (when purchasing any item)

We still have some beautiful crystals and jewelry left! Come on by and check them out! 10% off crystals and jewelry for clients only!

Reiki One Weekend Workshop September 9th & 10th-Get your deposit in soon! Only 3 spots left! 
Reiki Workshop Deposit

Reiki Workshop Information


*Refer a client who books a healing appointment and receive 20% off your next appointment when using the code Refer-A-Friend, when booking online.
*Tune Up Special (Reiki or Body & Emotion code distant healing. Must have had prior healing with Rita and understand them before booking tune-up special. $69
*Get a FREE sample CBD salve with any in person healing of an hour or more.

All Services

In-person and Remotely
Intuitive Reiki Healing
Intuitive Natural Energy Healing
Certified Reiki Workshops & Classes
Online Reiki Energy Courses
Distant Healings & Attunements
Body & Emotion Code Release
Animal Healing (in person or distant)
Essential Oils
Crystals & Crystal Healing
Peaceful Passing & Births
Negative Energy Release
Home or Business clearing of negative energies
Qigong/Stretch/Meditation classes every Wednesday at 10am-11:30am
Energy Body Evaluation- Comprehensive full body energy evaluation with a written report evaluating immune system function, organ, gland, chakra misalignments blockages, toxins, pathogens, nutrition & more
ALL healing services are available as Distant healing sessions also.
Please visit our website and schedule your appointment.
We require 24 hours notice for cancellations or you may forfeit your deposit or fee. The best way to get an appointment is to book online.
If you have trouble booking online please call 928-237-5377. Thank you!
Energy Healing is for enrichments purposes only and is not meant to replace medical care. If you have an emergency, please see your physician or go to emergency room.

Rita Rooks (owner of Attuned Master Energy Healing) is a licensed nurse and an Intuitive Natural Energy Healer, Reiki Master who healed herself from brain injuries the natural way. She was told by doctors she would never be the same again or have the ability to do normal everyday tasks. She discovered Natural Energy Healing, Reiki, Body and Emotion code after trying every other therapy. She realized she needed to share this and help others heal the natural way!

She has quit her nursing job and has dedicated her life to continue to expand her practice and share her knowledge of how Natural Energy Healing finds the underlying issues without drugs, side effects and covering up the underlying cause. When we clear blockages, it helps our bodies heal themselves. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal if we just allow it to




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