Open House June 30 10am-2pm

Open House June 30 10am-2pm

Open House

June 30 10am-2pm

Nothing formal here! I am very passionate about what I do and want to share information and time with whomever is interested in Energy Healing, CBD oils, & Crystals. I will be at the healing center from 10 am to 2 pm with no clients and product here for you to try or if you want information about anything we do at Attuned Master Energy Healing.

If you have been curious about our CBD Oils, stop by and you can try some products. I have enough on hand right now. We will also have our healing crystals to look at and purchase. If you have questions about Body & Emotion Code, Reiki or Reiki Workshops, Qigong, meditation, stretch classes? This would be a great time to ask. 🙂 Please RSVP and share thanks!

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