CBD Oil Information and Demonstration

CBD Oil Information and Demonstration


What are CBD Oils used for? Is it safe for children and pets? How many milligarams do we need for medicinal purposes? Is there THC in CBD Oils? These are just some of the questions we will be answering at our CBD information and demonstration on Saturday May 27 at 12:45 at Attuned Master Energy Healing.

We will have some CBD Oils, salves, Hemp vapes (to help stop smoking and bring medicinal properties to our lungs), chews, am CBD oils, (other herbs to help increase energy in am), pm CBD oils to help you sleep, premium hemp oils. We will also show you the new essential oils with terpenes from the hemp plant and other medicinal properties. The oils are calming, can help you with sleep and one will help you with energy,

We will talk about how you can get these products at cost and how to use them. Cindy Croley from CBD Connection in Chino Valley will be here talking about the benefits in her clients and what she has experienced as well.

You can also, when you are there, you can try some of these products while they last

If you know of anyone who needs CBD oils for pain, inflammation, sleep, energy, brain disorders, ADHD, and much more, please invite them. RSVP as space is limited!


Personal Testimony

Personal Testimonial-My name is Rita Rooks. I am a licensed nurse, (Hospice, pain clinic and women’s eating disorders)I have seen a little bit of everything) health coach, energy healer, Reiki Master BCCP, ECCP and owner of Attuned Master Energy Healing. I have tried many products and have endorsed some, but have never been so excited about a natural product than this! As most of you know, I had a brain injury that I helped heal with natural energy healing. When I took this product, my brain felt it within minutes. I immediately felt better. We all need these cannaboids that is no longer in our foods and system. At my healing center, I balance on all levels, body, mind, spirit, emotional bodies, mental bodies and now this will help with the physical bodies even more! I have tried many different CBD oils, this is by far the highest quality and a little goes a long way. It is safe, legal and can help so many health issues as it helps with inflammation, pain, moods, brain, and so many others ailments. I will have some products at my healing center, but you can order online from anywhere! Just try it and you will be amazed as I was! Let me know if you have any questions. I have gift cards for discounts and so you can get it at cost too! <3 Love & light to you all!
Rita Rooks
Owner of Attuned Master Energy Healing
Licensed Nurse
Health Coach
Reiki Master
ECCP Emotion Code Certified Practitioner
BCCP Body Code Certified Practitioner

Attuned Master Energy Healing

1670 Willow Creek Rd

Sute A

Prescott, AZ 86301

We will having and Energy Information and Demonstration right before the CBD info and demonstration at 11:45 am. Please join us as we will be releasing some negative energy from some volunteers. Please RSVP as space is limited!

To RSVP Go to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/427430667623208/

or https://www.facebook.com/AttunedEnergyHealing/

For more information on Cannabinoids and their healing properties go  http://echoconnection.org



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