Growing and moving offices!

Growing and moving offices!


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our beautiful new energy healing office! We are growing and moving offices. We are so excited to announce we are moving to our new location April 15, 2016 on Willow Creek in Prescott, AZ.
The address is 1670 Willow Creek Rd. Suite A, Prescott, AZ 86301. We are opening April 16, 2016!

We will be offering Reiki Workshops, Open house energy demonstrations, Qigong, meditation, stretch classes, yoga classes, Crystals for sale, (single stones, jewelry and chakra packages), Essential Oils, Energy Healings (many choices from Body & emotion code (our most popular) to Reiki, Animal Healing, Crystal Healing, Shaman healing and combination healings. We will still be offering distant healings as well. This beautiful office has over 1100 sq. feet to stretch out in, with positive energy and essential oils flowing, with beautiful crystals to keep the energy clear and healing!

Qigong, Stretch and Meditation Class

We will have plenty of space for our Qigong, meditation, yoga, stretch classes and plan on offering different options and times! Please let us know what days and times work for you, as these are YOUR classes. We will continue to have one of our Qigong/meditation/stretch classes on Saturday at 10:00 am. This will not change.

Our first class will be April 16, 2016 at 10:00 am. We hope to see you there. The classroom size is larger with another room attached for overflow as shown in the pictures below the Meetup link. There is more room than previously, but please RSVP on the Meetup link below or through text or email. Thank you for your interest in our classes! We love them! They help with stress, circulation and activating our own inner chi.


Saturday, Apr 16, 2016, 9:45 AM

Attuned Master Energy Healing
1670 Willow Creek Rd, Suite A Prescott, AZ

10 Naturals, yogis, meditators Went

Come see our beautiful new space! Plenty of room to stretch out and heal! We will be doing this class a little differently to offer more flexibility to those who prefer one or two sections of class instead of all three. We will split the class into three sections, for 25 minutes of each and you can chose which one you want to come to, with a 5 minu…

Check out this Meetup →


Qigong/Stretch/Meditation Room



Reiki Healing/Class Overflow Room

We want to offer a children’s or family class as well (as we feel it’s important to start good habits at an early age). If you would like this option, please notify us on the comments below or shoot us an email on the Prescott MeetUp at link above.

The other classes we are considering offering, (if there is interest) is a crystal bowl meditation class or Qigong and meditation class? If you are interested in any of these by themselves or a combo, please let us know which class you prefer and days and times, you wish. We have a survey on right hand side of Meetup group page or just shoot us an email or text.

We will be offering Yoga Classes soon!

Yoga Classes

We are going to be offering yoga classes soon! Our first introductory April 16 at 11:00 am. Tola Yoga is a physical practice from yoga that encourages clients to have awareness in the body with breath and muscle engagement in each posture, presented by Lauren Eynon. To sign up please go to Prescott Tola Yoga link below on Meetup.


What’s else is new?

We just came back from training in Vegas with Dr. Brad for emotion and body code and we learned so much!  We can’t wait to share it with you during our healings and energy demonstrations. For instance, did you know what mental energies are and how they can affect us? Such as a despair anchor?  It is a negative statement that is perceived as a truth by the subconscious mind, which will seek to verify or fulfill that “truth”. It is usually created from severe or repetitive negative thinking, like “I am not worthy.” I am stupid.” I am not good enough.” I am fat. ” etc. In other words, we try and fulfill this negative “untruth” and make a truth. This can affect us negatively energetically. We can find and release these easily and even “reprogram” your subconscious mind easily and quickly.

We will be sending info on all the different energies, trauma’s, toxins, pathogens, misalignements, circuit & system imbalances and more in the newsletters to come. Please let us know if you have any questions on any of our healings or classes. We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Crystals for Sale

We have crystals for sale now! We have single stones and chakra packages.  We also will be offering jewelry soon! Stand by for that! To order crystals, please click the links below or go to our Crystals Page on this website.  We are in the process of adding more information and listing more stones and jewelry, so please be patient. You can stop in our office anytime to pick up crystals.

Charka Package-Charged with Reiki or

Essential oils

Essential Oils
We offer high quality Essential oils to help heal and raise your vibrations!  For more information click here:
Click here or on the picture above for more information or to order Essential Oils


Specials for Spring

* When you refer a friend, you can receive a free healing of your choice when they purchase any 60 minute healing.

* Package deals-Buy 5 sessions and get 6th one Free!

* New office opening special- 30% off for new clients

Reiki One Weekend Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn how to heal yourself and others? This is your chance! We are offering our Reiki One class on April 23 & 24th from 9am to 3pm. This is a beginners course and no training required! We supply a manual, MP3 audio, power point, hands on training, attunements and more! To register and for more info, click on the link below:
Click Here for details about or to register for our Reiki One Class in Prescott, AZ

In Person Healings and Appointments
growing moving offices

We will be closed for in person healings from April 1 to April 15 to prepare for the move. We can take distance clients until April 5, 2016, so book now if you want a session. 🙂

To book for an appointment, consultation or Reiki workshop, please click below:

Book Appointment

Thank you and hope you are all well and full of light and love! Namaste’

Rita Rooks
Reiki Master
Natural Energy Healer
Emotion code Certified
Licensed Nurse

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