Emotions and Pain

Emotions and Pain



Emotions and Pain

Everything has a frequency.  People, food, animals, colors, objects, plants, all are energy and have different frequencies. Trapped emotions and physical trauma energy can cause pain.

All emotions are frequencies. Every emotion has a different frequency, than every other emotion. Anger has a different frequency than sadness.  Blaming has a different frequency than confusion. Confusion has a different frequency than unworthy.

When these emotions vibrate within us, we start reasonating with them. If you have anger trapped in your shoulder, your tissues and organs around that area will start vibrating at that frequency and you will feel more anger than you would normally feel. Your body will start reasonating with that frequency. The longer that it has been trapped, the more it will effect your body.

When we release these emotions, there is an immediate change that takes place. Accompanying the physical clearing that takes place, very often there is a mental change that takes place as well, because the energy that is causing these issues, pain, anger etc., to literally vibrate at that frequency is suddenly gone! That’s the real break through with the Emotion Code!

All organs are frequency generators. Muscles will very rarely have an imbalance by themselves. If there is an imbalance in a muscle, there is almost always an imbalance in the associated organ. The most common cause of an organ imbalance is a trapped emotion.

Some examples of some common pain problems and organs & gland imbalances…

Low back pain

1. Kidney imbalance
2. Ileocecal valve imbalance
3. Uterus imbalance
4. Adrenal imbalance

Mid back pain

1. Liver imbalance
2. Spleen imbalance
3. Gallbladder imbalance

Tennis elbow:

1. Stomach imbalance
2. Uterus imbalance
3. Pancreas

Knee Pain:

1. Adrenal imbalance
2. Gallbladder imbalance

Shoulder Pain

1. Thyroid imbalance
2. Gallbladder imbalance
3. Heart imbalance

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Source: By Dr. Bradley Nelson and The Emotion Code book.


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