Full Super (Blood) Moon on Saturday August 29 & 8 PM MST

Full Super (Blood) Moon on Saturday August 29 & 8 PM MST


Some of you have asked and so has spirit!

Back by popular demand! We had a successful Full Blue Moon healing and spirit says we need to have another one this Saturday as the Full Super (Blood )Moon will be intense as well!  Many people need healings now as the energy vibrations of the planet is changing and the consciousness is rising! We need to keep our vibrations high, stay grounded and clear our energy. Be kind to yourself and others as we experience these changes.

(If you don’t want to read the whole article and just want to be included in the FREE NATURAL ENERGY HEALING SESSION, please use the CONTACT FORM on the BOTTOM of this PAGE or the right top side of this page (depending if you are on desktop or Ipad or phone)where it says Free info or name. (we will keep them private, unless you want it posted)We just need your full name and location for best results. Thank you.) 

What to expect this coming blood moon

We are sure you are aware, but if you are not, some of the information in this article are from some astrologers, scientists and weather experts:

fullredmoonlargeIn September will feel an intensification of this ‘awakening’, a heightened sense of intuition and perhaps even psychic abilities in those who have that, due to Haumea’s activation via an opposition from Uranus, and then Mercury’s conjunction to Haumea. We will experience a majorly expanded sense of willpower, determination, and passion in September when Jupiter aligns with Orcus to oppose Neptune. This article will go deep into why; a carefully thought out theory for why we will feel this ‘ascension’, and what to expect in September and forward.

In September, the collective consciousness will be endowed with a euphoric, extremely strong determination and willpower to expand and learn, a super heightened sense of intuition, and psychic abilities on the rise because of the Uranus opposition Haumea. Then after September 27th, it will noticeably intensify with the Blood Moon of Makemake.

A Blood Moon is by definition a perfect Full Moon; a perfect opposition of the Moon and the Sun with Earth in the middle partially blocking the Sun’s light, making the Moon appear red. This has an effect of setting the stage for a new era of time, creating an imprint of energy that comes to fruition until the next eclipse.

The fact that the eclipses happen on these sacred days is an indication that we’re in an era of shift; all other astrological signs also point to a huge moment of shift.

Preceding every Blood Moon is a perfect New Moon- a Solar Eclipse, exact alignment (conjunction) of the Sun and Moon.  In September, among other much more important astrological events like Jupiter conjunct Orcus opposite Neptune, and Uranus conjunct Eris opposition Haumea, the Final Blood Moon occurs on September 28th, while the final perfect New Moon or Solar Eclipse occurs September 13th.

Part of this article was written by Dr. Kathy J. Forti, and Dr. Atkins as they can explain the science clearly.

“I once had a media and communications professor ask a packed auditorium of journalism students the interesting question: “What is the singular factor that affects all of humanity? A factor that can start or stop wars? That can raise up civilizations or destroy them?” Not one student could come up with the right, yet so obvious, answer: Space Weather. Almost 35+ years later, I still remember his words.”

“When I heard Dr. Simon Atkins recently talk about the ‘”WAVE X shift of 2015″ it made complete sense. Atkins is a well-known climate risk economist and planetary threat forecaster with a doctorate in Biometeo-electromagnetics. He uses the science of magnetism to bring clarity to what is presently occurring in our world.”

Space weather not only influences, but guides humanity. Statistics show that when there are intense solar flares from space, 82% of the time there is a downshift in the stock market 1-3 days later. These same solar flare peaks are known to cause eruptions of violence between classes (sort of like the full moon effect). It’s a natural phenomenon, but its all due to magnetic waves that ultimately affect every living organism on our planet.

On a positive note, when there are coronal mass ejections from the sun (CMEs), humans are more likely to experience euphoria, calmness and ultimately peace. CMEs are explosions of electricity and energy in the form of electrons and protons, according to NASA. This magnetic energy that comes from our Sun (which is why the Ancients saw the Sun as the God Source) actually elevates consciousness levels. The Sun is the great benefactor. If you stay out of the Sun you quickly lose your connection to third eye consciousness. You also can experience depression and/or illness.

I experienced this first hand many years ago when I worked in a darkened lab doing altered states studies during daylight hours. I started not only getting oily skin and breaking out with facial eruptions (which I had never had), but I became quickly depressed. Something told me to take a few 15 minute breaks outside each day and just sit in the Sun. It was like a miracle cure. Like a plant, we need light to thrive. Without it, it will lead to dysfunction, be it emotional and/or physical. It’s a lesson I never forgot.

The BIG SECRET is the Sun is also connected to our evolutionary awakening. During the last half of September 2015, there is a powerful wave of gamma light coming from the Galactic Core. This intergalactic WAVE X energy will be coming through to Earth at maximum strength and peaking on September 28th. We are already well into it and feeling its effects. It happens every 3,600 years, and is being called “The Event Horizon.” It is the next step in the evolutionary cycle of man.

If you would like to read more about the change of energy on the planet or Wave X, please click here.


We can all agree it will be intense as the energies are changing and shifting. You can feel it and many strange things are happening on the planet right now. The light beams we have been seeing, the landslides, weird weather, falling of the market in China, falling corruption and people’s moods are on edge.

There are a lot of people in need of a healing right now. People are irritable, edgy, getting ill, sometimes acting crazy, and energy shifts are happening.  Spirit wants us to help more people now, as it is needed, more than ever! We are heading into a huge shift in magnetic field changes on the earth, solar flares etc. With the full super (blood) moon, it will be even more intense.  Our vibrations need to be higher or it will effective us negatively! If you are sensitive, you are feeling these energies even more than most. Please rest when you can and be kind and patient to yourself and others.

We would like to offer a free distant natural energy healing for whomever writes us with your name and location by Saturday at noon on  8/29/15. Just send us your name and location, that is all you need to do. Relax to music or candlelight where you won’t be disturbed for a whole hour on 8/29/2015 at 8:00 pm Mountain Time, 7:00 pm PST, 10:00 pm EST. If you are sensitive, you will feel these energies, but even if you don’t feel anything, it is still working and you should notice subtle or even not so subtle changes

This will give everyone a chance to feel what it is like and see the benefits that haven’t tried it, as well as all the people who have asked for help, need it and could not afford it. Please share with anyone who would benefit from a distant energy healing session! This will work on you individually, and will be even stronger with other energies combined and especially with the Full Blood or Super moon on Saturday!  Natural energy healing will never harm and goes where it is needed most.  There is a Contact Form, to right on this blog or at the bottom of page to send information privately. You don’t have to do anything else but send in name and location and anything you would like addressed.  We can include, family pets and other family members with their permission, just send us name of pet, family members and their location.

Distant Healing is a method of energy healing at any long distance. Everything is Energy. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (E=mc2). Seen or unseen, it is all presented in a different form or shape. In distant energy healing, energy is controlled and can be guided by focusing the energy by utilizing the power of the mind and the Attuned Energy or Reiki and other Natural Healing Training.

Of course the healing is not done by us, the healers or channelers, it is the divine energies of the universe, God, Great Spirit or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. We are there to channel the healing energies.
Our aim of Distance or Remote Healing is to provide the individual a holistic wellness with a natural and gentle style that will never harm and is for the highest good of the individual.
In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Distant healing is based on Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location. It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing is very effective.

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing and is generally performed by Reiki Masters, Shamanic Practitioners and Shamans. We personally use our natural intuitive, Clairsentient and Clairognizance abilities (we can feel your blockages and pain in our own bodies and instinctively know what to do to clear them) We also have over 50 other energies in our energy field we use during healings, whatever spirit calls us to do.

Conditions such as headache, pain, anxiety release, high blood pressure and many other symptoms, can be lessoned, sometimes, in a few minutes, no matter how far away you  happens to be. We cannot guarantee that all of your symptoms and illness can be alleviated in one session, (as with any kind of healing, it doesn’t work for everyone) but it’s a good start.

We do highly recommend that if you are continuing to experience illness or symptoms, or you have any concerns, you should always contact your physician or Health Care Provider or dial 911 if it is an emergency. (Rita Rooks, natural energy healer, is a licensed nurse, but is not using her license in this capacity and she is making no guarantees or promises and this should not replace your medical advice or practice. Please see disclaimer on bottom of all pages on this website.)
In this group healing, we cannot use all of our specific healing energies, like we do, when we do a one on one healing, but with the combined energies of everyone as well as the full moon, the energies will be intense.

There are many different types of healings out there to work with for different issues that you may be dealing with. Our main focus is Natural Energy Healing, Reiki, spiritual healing, Shamanism, working with crystal healing, psychic surgical healing, emotional release, and protection methods through distant healing processes. We also work with animals of all kinds as well as they respond well to natural energy healing.  We also have many other supportive, specific energies that we can customize for each client. (Please see the Service page)We work with a combination of all of these formats to find the perfect balance to provide the necessary healing for your highest good at this time.


Our physical bodies are made up of different levels or fields that work together.


1. Aura or what we call the energy fields-this is the receiver and transmitter of energy from both internal and external environment and acts as the information center of our body in terms of energy.
2. Chakras are simply knows as the energy centers-energies that have been received and broken down here.
3. Meridians or the energy pathways-the broken down energies are now distributed through these pathways.
Our different energy layers in our body have 4 levels, which all function differently.
1. Etheric Field-The first layer of energy that is linked to the “physical” and that which makes up ¼ to 2 inches from the body.
2. Emotional Field-Associated with feelings and energy extends from 1 to 3 inches deep through our physical body.
3. Mental Field-Connected with the mental processes and our thoughts that goes through 3 to 8 inches beyond our physical body.
4. Spiritual Field-The most complex of all because it is made up of more layers that help us achieve spiritual dimensions. This becomes possible as one prays or meditates.To enhance all of these fields for holistic wellness, through Distance or Remote Healing, you can work with an Energy Healer.

 In distant healing sessions, attunements and energy scans are provided through distant healing with an energetic connection. No healing sessions, attunements or energy scans are performed over the phone, Skype, internet, chat, or video conference as these electronic devices can and do interfere with the healing process. During your healing session, we ask that you are in a relaxed and receptive state, where you will not be disturbed until the session is completed. For this reason, we generally perform these sessions while you can rest and even sleep so that you can be in your most receptive and relaxed state.You might experience some ‘run’ off or detox symptoms as the energies will clear your blockages and remove negative energies. Some people feel energized afterwards and some people feel relaxed and fall asleep and that is ok, as it is still working.   You might have fatigue, runny nose or sore throat for a day or two (or even longer if the full blood moon is as intense as the full blue moon healing)as the energies continue to work for several days, even longer, as you continue to clear and remove blockages. Some people will feel more energized, some will need to rest. Please listen to your body and rest when needed, be kind to yourself. Eat healthy food. Please drink water with lemon preferably before, during and after session to help the energies, move and clear! If you experience fatigue or detox, the symptoms should not last more than a couple of days, at most. If you have had illness, dysfunction, stress etc, for many years, than think of this like cleaning house.  We have to take out all the junk, it may be a little messy for awhile but its worth it to get a clean house!

Here are some comments from the last full moon healing: 

“Love the long distance reiki, helped a lot! Thanks again.”-Britney H.

“I wish you could work on me everyday?” This helps my anxiety, stress, hormones and pain. Thank you so much! I love my long distance healings!” Raquel

“I really felt the energies and I feel more grounded and lighter. I also feel more energized and creative. It has helped my writing.  Thanks so much Rita.”  Ben

Hi Rita,
It was great!  I experienced some great feelings.  I felt the energy as a ball of light and I did feel it spending time in my head and torso mostly.  I don’t know if that was because this was where it was trying to open.  I will have to look at the Chakras a bit more later.  By the end I was seeing sparkles in a light blue color.  I did experience a few interruptions by the music and my cat but it was great because I could feel how deep in a meditative state I was in. Thank you so much!  I am looking forward to the next session!
Hi Rita, Thank you for your healing session on Friday. Ever since Friday night, I have found I have a clearer sense of focus with an increase in my energy levels. I have also noticed my desire to write has returned with a flow greater than before Friday evening. My inner passion towards my interests have returned, which is what one of my personal intentions was I had set for Friday’s healing. The session ended at 9 pm and by 9:30 pm, I received a phone call from my son that he was in a Detox facility since 4:30 that afternoon. I had seen him earlier in the day, and my heart had broken to see the condition he was in. This struggle has been so long, and as a Mother, it is very difficult to watch a loved one fall so low. Yet that phone call was a welcomed answered prayer and a true miracle. He called again yesterday and sounded so different. His voice was clearer and he said he had slept like a baby. He never sleeps and really never has. I had written down the previous night that I may be able to sleep, but my son did, and I am grateful for that. I believed you helped him as much as you did me! Thank you so much! We want to order two attunements from you! Let me know which is best for me, the diabetes or beauty sleep. Thank you again!
I can’t thank you enough for the intense healing session last night! It took awhile for me to settle down, was shaking inside, but I felt so much peace and energy halfway through! I even saw my power animals eyes, so crazy. There are so many things that have changed with me since I have been working with you. I have so many little things, that I keep forgetting to tell you that you have helped. They arent’ really little, especially when you add them all up. I do not have hot flashes anymore at night or during day. I feel calm, more grounded and at peace. My creativity is also better, I sleep better and just overall in a better frame of mind! Thank you so much and I can’t wait til the next session!
A lot of changes on my emotional body, still not sure what it is about, but feel awesome! Relaxed and calm, a very deep detox … thanks so much for the healing last night!!!
For the healing,  I was at the lake for long weekend – Thurs I had cold symptoms and Friday It was worse – aches and chilled a bit, runny nose and really bad headaches, my bones ached…sat it felt better and I felt more relief on Sunday! Thank you for your gift…I had put my intentions on paper and threw it in our campfire on Fri night. And I was completely exhausted Fri and Sat but Sun, Mon I had more energy than usual.😇Perfect thank you so much – I was sure feeling rough! I must really have Alot of yuck to release lol…I spent the whole time barefoot hahah! I never wear shoes at the lake… I love walking in the grass, dirt and feeling the sand at bottom of the lake. I’ve never felt anything like that! I committed to it 100%- lots of water with lemon, relaxed, sitting by the fire etc. Thank you! I know I am healing and appreciate it so much!
Thank you! No back pain today and still going strong. You are so appreciated. I will remain calm so the energy can continue to work within me.
Hi Rita, I was just thinking about how grateful I am to have you in my life and how much you have helped so many people during this big healing session! You give without expecting anything in return. I would love to donate to your cause to show my support for you and all you do! You truly have an amazing healing gift! How do I go about donating? Do you have a link I can go to on your website?
Rita, I believe your healing helped my mama just not in the way I would have it. .. She passed quietly in her sleep yesterday but we all are ao grateful that she only had one day of unbearable suffering. I believe she was spared a drawn out process of pain and was helped on her journey because of this healing. Thank you. Many blessings to you and all who help one another
Thank u so much!! I definitely felt the vibration of energy throughout my body, it was so exciting. I did fall asleep but today is the first time in a week I did not wake up with a throbbing headache. I do feel a little tired today but my mind and soul feel balanced and at peace.
Feel amazing!! Tingling through my legs also feel tired. Thank you so much for the healing last night!
Very powerful and joyful experience and for some reason I knew it there is more to come. Very grateful! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon.
I feel energy and peace. There was clarity today on an issue. Thanks Rita Rooks for the heaing. Continuing to move through obstacles! XOXO
I feel energized this morning. Thank you!!! I did feel the energy for sure but didn’t fall asleep. Super relaxing. Felt at peace. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Divine helped us heal ourselves from a brain injury, and helped us realize our intuitive and natural gifts while being a hospice nurse (as we can feel others pain, emotions and blockages) and while going through trauma, & healing ourselves from multiple head injuries and many other illnesses.

We feel we were called to this work very strongly and we need to and would love to help as many people as possible!

All you need to do for the FREE Full Blood (super) Moon healing session is  just send us your name and location, and primary concerns (if you wish, but not necessary) before we begin this beautiful, special, full super moon session on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 8:00 pm MST, 7:00 pm PST, 10:00 pm EST

Everyone is invited and please share. We want to help as many people as possible! It’s good karma to share too. 🙂


For those of you who like steps on how this works, this will be helpful for the best benefit:


  1. Go where you won’t be disturbed for an hour, and you can lay down or sit back. (even under the moonlight would be great) A bedroom, your favorite relaxing spot at lake, or ocean or woods. Wherever you feel comfortable. It is best if you are still and quiet, so you can feel and even hear the energy and the energy works better when you are not moving. If you are working or out and about, it will work, just not as well. Some people do not feel the energy. That is ok, it is still working.
  2. Light a candle if you have one, but its ok if you don’t.
  3. Listen to relaxing healing music, we have some on our website and video’s that are great. www.attunedmasterenergyhealing.com or whatever music is comfortable for you. Complete quiet is good as well. The music we have on website has healing frequencies and is good for healings and detox symptoms.
  4. No alcohol or drugs or electronics as it interferes with the connection. Shut off  cell phones or computers if possible.
  5. Take some deep breaths, think about what you want healed, say it out loud or quietly to self, or write it down, even better. Say it in a positive way, like it has already happened.
  6. Relax as much as possible, meditate if you can. Think about breathing from diaphragm. Take a couple deep cleansing breaths. You may even fall asleep and that is ok. It is still working, even while you are asleep. It even works better while we sleep as our conscious mind cannot interfere or block the healing.
  7. Some people will feel the energies working, or see light, or feel cool, warmth, hot and all of that is good. It means the energies are clearing, healing and moving. Some people even feel sensations on skin. It is all good and ok! Again, if you don’t feel anything, that is ok, it’s still working and you may notice subtle things changing in the next few days.
  8. You may feel more peaceful, grounded, happy and content. You may feel less pain, physical, emotionally. If you have had a lot of years of repressed emotion, dysfuntion or illness, these symptoms could get worse before they get better. It means your body is detoxing and releasing. This works on all levels. This works spiritually, emotionally, physically.
  9. Expect great results, but of course this is only one healing and some people may need more, depending on how long you have had your illness or problems. We cannot guarantee it will wipe away an entire lifetime of trauma, illness or abuse. The Divine is powerful and will only do what is best and for your highest good always! It will never harm.
  10. Drink a lot of water, before, during and after the healing, as the healing energies continue to work for days afterwards.
  11. Most of all, relax and enjoy and don’t think too hard about it!
  12. Take a bath before or afterwards for relaxing and cleansing. If you feel you are experiencing detox or ‘run off’ symptoms , take an Epson salt bath or celtic or sea salt bath.
  13. If you love the healing and energies or need any more healings or attunements afterwards, we would love to help, of course.
  14. Please let us know how you do or you have any questions. Post here on FB page or wherever you saw this information, Twitter, Instagram. or email for privacy as always. We tried to answer you all.
  15. We have people from all over world! It’s so exciting and powerful! We are so happy and blessed to be a conduit to all of this healing!
  16. If you experience fatigue, headache, cold symptoms, headache, emotional , irritable, it means you are experiencing detox or ‘run off symptoms’. This is a good thing as the energies are working and you are releasing energy blocks. Drink a lot of water the next couple days, with lemon preferably. Rest when your body needs it. Rest after healing and remain quiet if you can. Walk for moving energies the next next day or so, more often.

Please rest afterwards and be good to yourself. Take time to be with yourself and process any emotions that come up. You may feel more emotional the next few day or even a week,  if you have a lot of blocked emotions that need releasing. Let the emotions flow and release.

Thank you for participating in this healing. We love to be able and feel blessed to help so many people from all over the world!

For best results, please send us your full name and location, FOR THE ENERGY HEALING TO WORK, at its best.  You can use the contact form on the top right, or bottom of this blog page that says Free Information and discounts or Name and message.

We always love to hear how you do during and after session. Let us know how you do, please.

We are trained to not be attached to the outcome as the divine will work at what you need the most and it’s always for your highest good! (even when we think it’s not) Sometimes people don’t want to be healed (subconsciously) or they have to go through even more setbacks and illness to learn the lessons they need to learn.

The divine is always in charge and always has a reason for everything, so we don’t attach to the outcome. But, we do like to know how you do, so please let us know or post on our facebook, twitter or instragram pages!

Thank you! Blessings to you all! Please Share!

We are offering this for Free but always appreciate donations.  If we help you now or in the past or future, please see donation button below or on contact form tab up above on this website. Thank you!


Love & Light & Many Blessings,

Rita Rooks, Natural Energy Healing

Attuned Master Energy Healing





We do a lot of pro bono work.  If you would like to donate, it is always appreciated. Thank you. Blessings!



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