Activate your Chi/Meditation/Stretch Class Saturdays!

Activate your Chi/Meditation/Stretch Class Saturdays!

Classes will be on Wednesdays 

The classes will be from 10:00 am-11:00 am on Wednesday and occasionally Saturdays. We are an Intuitive Natural Energy Healing Company, opening our doors September 1, 2015. We will be offering this relaxing Meditation/Stretch/Activate your Chi class on Saturdays at 10:00 am. We will do 20 minutes of each, Meditation, Activate your Chi, Easy Yoga or light stretch.  We will clear out our large office healing room and have plenty of room for 22 comfortably. Space is limited so please shoot us an email, PM or comment below. 🙂 Walk-ins Welcome if space permits. 🙂 We are getting full, so please message me at or  call at 928-237-5377 if you are going!

Please bring yoga mats or towels to stretch at the end.  We will do easy, simple, relaxing meditation(first timers welcome, there is no wrong way to meditate). We will show you how to activate your inner chi, prana, life force to become healthier and will follow with a simple stretch, some easy yoga. All ages invited from beginners to Advanced.  

We will love to meet you and looking forward to seeing you all! 140 N Montezuma St. Suite 102 & 103, Prescott, AZ (downtown Prescott, (Inside Real Estate Building)There is free, reserved parking behind building in empty lot. There is a $5.00 donation at door.  RSVP if you know you are going as space is limited but walk ins welcome!



We will be offering Reiki and Energy Classes in our conference room in the future.



About the owner and company:

Rita Rooks is founder of Attuned Master Energy Healing and is a licensed nurse and intuitive healer. She realized how sensitive to energies she was when she was a Hospice Nurse in San Diego, Ca.  She could feel people’s pain, blockages in her own body and even, woken in the middle of night, when her patients passed. She sustained a brain injury that enhanced her intuition and connection to spirit.  Her Mission is to Empower, Enlighten, Heal and bring love and light into your life. She realized this was her true calling after several concussions (literal hits on the head) as spirit will get your attention when it has too! 🙂

Services offered at Attuned Master Energy Healing

She offers: Shaman Healing with peaceful passing’s and births. She is a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master. She does Crystal Healing, (over 50 Ethereal Crystals, she places in your energy field where needed and will continue to work until no longer needed.) Animal Healing, Emotional Release, Chakra Balance, Body and Emotion Code and much more. She is ‘Attuned’ to over 50 energies and offers over 50 energy courses and attunement both by Distant and in person. She offers Full Moon healings worldwide by donation and will be teaching Reiki and Energy Courses in her new location in downtown Prescott, Az.

If you are interested in Healings or Attunements, Courses please see Services on this website.

The Meditation/Activate your Chi/Stretch classes will be every Wednesday (unless notified) from 10:00-11:30 am. We may offer other separate classes if requested, such as just Meditation or Activate your Chi, or Yoga etc. Make your requests and we will try to honor them! Namaste!

Love & Light,


Rita Rooks,

Natural Energy Healer





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