How to activate your Chi

How to activate your Chi

How to Activate your Chi


meridians12This short, simple, article will show you how to activate your own inner Chi, Prana, Energy easily and how to do it daily, to start your day right. Along with the mediation blog we posted earlier on connecting to the elements, this will really make a difference in your connection and energy throughout the day, especially if you do it daily.

To activate your Chi, life force energy naturally, to help replenish your cells, improve energy and circulation, rub your hands, palms vigorously every morning when you get up, then your first knuckles together and then nails together, for a few minutes on each…then shake your hands down by your side vigorously for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths, than activate some of your pressure points. Please see the meridian maps.  

There are many acupressure, acupuncture points. One of the main points to activate your chi is in your lower back, pat or stimulate that point either by tapping on it or rotate your arms by rotating your hips and tapping the back and front to stimulate points. Rotate your hips and arms back and forth, with feet planted firm and, feet hip lengths apart.  Keep hitting your main pressure point on your back and kidneys with back of hand or even fist, (not too hard, but firm). Please see the meridian map attached. .

Then tap the lung meridian points (this will help you breathing and circulation) by rotating arms like you did with your back or just tapping both points in upper body. Then tap your points on your shoulders by tapping them or rotating arms back and forth like you did in your back. Take a couple deep breaths and feel your chi in your body.  Pat your neck, shoulders, inner, outer arms and inner outer legs, stomach area. Breath, feel your chi flowing. Take some deep breaths.

While standing, raise the back of your heels up, then down, breathing in out and out through your nose, quickly, for a few minutes, while shaking your arms vigorously. Stop after a few minutes, breath deeply, feel your inner life force energy flowing deeply now!

Tap the meridians point on crown and third eye for headache, pain. Tap the wrist points on arm and hand when you need help with anxiety, sleep or stress.  

Ground yourself with deep breaths in between and think of roots growing down into the ground and blow out any negative energy!  

This will bring your energy every day! Do this every day and replenish your cells, activate your chi, and energy, and circulation! Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions!

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