Do I have to be a Reiki Master to do Attunements or Courses?

Do I have to be a Reiki Master to do Attunements or Courses?


I have received some questions on the Attunements and Courses we offer, so I thought this might help. 🙂

1. Do I have to be a Reiki Master or Healer to order these Courses or Attunements?

The courses we offer are for anyone! There are some courses/attunements that you have to be a Reiki Master to ‘pass’ the attunements for but most can be used and taken even if you have never been an Energy or Reiki Healer.

2. If I am a Reiki Master, can I use these energies in my practice and ‘pass’ them onto others?

Yes, you can! These supportive energies will help your practice and you can use them during your healing sessions and pass them onto clients if they would like them. It is best to receive a healing first with the ‘energy’ that you are wanting to pass, as it will help the body adjust to and use the energy more proficiently. You can use them on your family and friends as well. If you are going to ‘pass’ the attunement onto a client, you must give them the PDF Course, without any changes, per the writer’s and channeler’s request.

3. Are the courses easy?

Yes, the courses are short, easy to understand for anyone and come in PDF file so easy to send to others.

4. Can I be ‘attuned’ to more than one energy?

Yes, you can, I am attuned to over 50 energies and  counting! There is always a need for a different one in a any different situation. These are great to healers, and also for everyone in everyday life! I also use them for myself daily, for family, friends and of course clients! I love them, but you can just do one if you would like, such as Reiki or Adrenal Care.

5. What are attunements?

It is an energy empowerment/initiation (sometimes called an ‘energy lesson’) that is passed from someone who has already been attuned to that energy frequency so that they may ‘learn’ that vibration, connect with it and channel it in the future by aligning with it through various methods including mantra, symbols and intention. The Attunements for Reiki Courses and Energy systems are very similar and can be used and called into your energy field the same way.

When we are connected to these various vibrations, we can use them for healing work, during meditation and for spiritual development depending on the modality and the means of accessing and using the energy. We can ‘give’ to client in person or by appointment long distance or in Chi Ball and the recipient can ‘call it in’ to their energy field when they can relax in the environment they feel comfortable in, whether it be at home, near ocean, lake etc. Light a candle, listen to music, relax and let the energies flow for 15 to 30 minutes.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Love & Light,


Rita Rooks, LVN, Reiki Master & Natural Energy Healer