What to expect before, during and after Long Distance Healing?

What to expect before, during and after Long Distance Healing?


We have received many questions regarding long distance healings and what to expect, so I thought I would try to make it simple. I hope this helps! 🙂

1. What happens during long distance Healing?

“You, the client should be in a place where you can relax for an hour or two and where you won’t be disturbed.  Play some relaxing music, light a candle, darken the room, if possible or go outside and relax at your favorite spot, lake, ocean, park, or wherever you can be comfortable.”

” We will ‘tune’ into your energy field (I know this is strange for most of you, I have written about it in other blogs, please feel free to read) and feel, see, what is needed specifically. We also would like it if you could let us know what concerns or needs you have. The Divine Energy will go where is needed most, by design as the Universal Life Force Energy knows all, but we can direct it as we can feel blockages, pain, emotions in clients energy and physical body. We always balance the energy system, remove as much negative energy as I can, balance the Chakras.”

2. Do we talk on the phone? Or How ?

“We actually work better by not talking on the phone as we need to meditate, clear our energy and concentrate fully on your energy and what is needed. Also, all electronics interfere with the connection. We have other blogs regarding how long distance energy works, but try to think of it as, just as we cannot see satellite, microwave or wireless energy work, it is the same here. All we need is your full name, location, a picture, if possible, but not necessary and we will be able to ‘feel’ your energy.”

3. What do we, as clients feel?

“You may feel tingling, warmth or coldness, certain areas, perhaps of your physical body, being worked on if you are real sensitive to energies. Some people do not feel anything, and that is ok, as the Universal Life Force Energy is still working. You may feel spacy, calm or just relaxed.”

4. How should I prepare and what will I feel afterwards?

“Prepare by being hydrated, relax, take some deep breaths and think about what you would like healed at this time. The Universal Life Force Energy works on all fields. Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and will go where is needed most.”

“Afterwards you will probably feel very relaxed, lighter, emotional perhaps. We advise to drink lots of water (with lemon is ideal), afterwards especially, to help move the energy. Have tissues available as sometimes you may get emotional, but not always. You may experience ‘run off” or detox symptoms, such as a cold, headache, lethargy for a day or two, especially if we move a lot of energy. The better you eat and the more you hydrate, the faster these symptoms will subside. (detox and getting rid of negative, stagnant energy is well worth it!) Some people do not experience any of these, as everyone is different, but we do like to tell people, in case it happens to you. Some people feel lighter, happier, more peaceful (like a weight has been lifted). Please allow some time after the healing for reflection and relaxation. Do not go out in public with lots of noise, alcohol or drugs right after or during healing, so the energies can continue to work.” (as they do for several days or longer)

5. What can Reiki & Natural Energy Help with?

“The short answer, almost everything! It helps on all levels, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

It can help with: Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Depression, inflammation and any illness or disease related to inflammation, before and after surgery, People passing peacefully, babies being born peacefully, trapped nerves, spiritual awareness, growth, meditation, communication, Guilt, Anger, Suppression, balancing chakras, cleansing your aura, energy field, cleansing your home, business and much more!

Energy healing has been proved by Kilarian photography and many other reports and findings. Energy healing is one of the most popular and effective holistic approaches to healing. Within holistic healing guidelines, a person can look at the whole picture of one’s lifestyle including dietary assessment, getting plenty of exercise, and stress levels based on external influences. To take things to the next level, exploring identifying and clearing “stuck” energy in one’s aura is paramount in preventing or healing disease.

The aura is the energy field signature that exists beyond the physical body. In general, the aura consists of the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, the astral body, the celestial body, and the causal body. In a very real sense, our soul, or “true self” expresses itself through these bodies. Any energy that is stuck in these bodies can manifest into disease or physical problems.

“It is preventative and can help your long term health! It is much less expensive than a Dr. and it will benefit you more. This is just my personal opinion.” (This is coming form a Nurse) 🙂

6. How do I know what Healing to ask for, you have so many?

“We will intuitively know what healing energies we will need during your session. We can speak beforehand and afterwards or by email as to what your concerns are and what specific energies you may need. We can give you a specific, supportive energy during our healing, say, such as Adrenal Care, and if you like the energy and it helps you, you can purchase the course/attunement after the healing and be able to use it as often as you need. You will receive a PDF booklet that explains how to use it and it is very simple. Most energies you will be able to call in by intent, rather than using symbols, etc. It is nice to be able to use them when needed for yourself and or for family, friends. Some energies, you will not need often and you may not want to purchase it separately.

” You do not HAVE to have other supportive energies as what I do during the healing is a lot! WE usually do some form of Reiki, Shaman healing(we use many) crystal healing, balancing of energy and chakras, etc.”

“You can of course, ask for a specific type of healing if you know what you need or want. Our bodies are very intuitive, if we learn to listen.” 🙂

“You will understand after receiving the healing and/or the attunement/ course booklet. as each energy is different.” 🙂

7. How many treatments will I need?

“Again, everyone is different and it depends on the extremes and what blockages, illness, disease you have. For me personally, I had a brain injury and could not drive, barely function, was dizzy and nauseous 24/7 and I saw a very noticeable difference in 2 or 3 sessions. (This was after every other natural healing treatment, many Western Drs. and therapists and over a year and a half of being off work) I then received 2 0r 3 more healings from a gifted Reiki Master and felt 100% better. I also do self care. Everyone is different, but most people will feel a difference in a couple of sessions, some people will only need one or two sessions and then occasional healings during the year at most.”

8. Will I have to continue getting healing sessions?

“If you have had a recent illness or trauma,  We recommend once monthly to keep your system balanced for a period of time.  Your body will tell you and you will know when you need another session. Your body is very intuitive, if you listen, it will let you know when.”

“If you haven’t had any major recent traumas or injuries, disease, you may only need one or two at most. This helps emotionally, so whenever something comes up that you need help with such as coping with a death, divorce, loss or breakup of relationship, moving, changing careers, loss of self esteem, or any major life change, just one or two healings may make a major difference.”

9. Can I receive an attunement or course and not a healing?

“If you have an illness or trauma, Yes, we recommend you do a healing first for us to check in on what you need and to see if you like the energies. The healing also helps the attunement energies work and get used to your energy field. Of course, if you have no major issues, illnesses, trauma or diseases,  and you do not think you need a healing and just want an attunement or course, you can just receive those! 🙂 ” (most people could benefit by just one healing though).”  :-))

“Please see more information regarding courses or attunements on Service, Discount and other Blog pages. ”

10. Can I learn how to do any of this, If I want to?

“Yes, if you are interested in Reiki or Natural Energy Healing, you can purchase the courses online here and we can support you and help you the whole way! Everyone has natural abilities, it’s just a matter of which ones you want to hone in on, practice and use. The Universal Life Force Energy can benefit you, your family and friends so much! You will become more spiritual aware, calm, peaceful, loving and also closer to your higher and true self. You will ‘feel’ the difference in yourself for sure! Try it, is the only way you will truly understand it. The Universal Life Force Energy is truly amazing, the Divine, God, at work and you can see if and feel it firsthand! Nothing else like it! You will see! <3 <3 <3 :-)”

Please write us with any other questions or concerns. We will be more than happy to help you!

Thank you!

Love & Light,

Rita Rooks, Reiki Master and Natural Energy Healer

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