Newest Attunements-Energy Healings, Courses Added (As of 6/05/15)

Newest Attunements-Energy Healings, Courses Added (As of 6/05/15)

Here is our Newest Attunements-Energy Healings, Courses Added (As of 6/05/15)

**Self Esteem Reiki-It is not uncommon to struggle with issues of self esteem at different times in our lives. Often low esteem is triggered because we judge ourselves harshly or because someone in our lives has treated us poorly either in the recent or distant past. The Divine gives us this powerful healing energy so that we do not have to go needlessly through our lives feeling bad about ourselves. This has been given as a gift from the Divine Source for multipurpose. One of which is so that we can rise above low self esteem and truly enjoy life. This frees us to do what we want to do, be who we really are without fear of rejection and work towards our path, purpose, higher callings and personal goals. It is our Divine right to feel good about ourselves! By using the healing energy and the channeled ideas in this manual we can avoid doing things that make us feel even worse and do those things that will make us feel better about ourselves. The energies of this system will give us a wonderful gift which is the freedom from fears and insecurities so that we can see our true identity as a Divine Being. One attunement and course manual included. $27.50 USD

**Channeling Flush Empowerment-This beautiful energy is given to us from Spirit so that one can clear any blockages to channeling information and guidance, higher truth from the Higher Beings (Spirit, Guides, Self, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.) in the Spiritual Dimension. The Flush will wash away anything that blocks one from contact with the Higher Beings through channeling. All negative energies, fears or blockages preventing channeling will clear out of the chakras,  and balance energy bodies. New Light will enter the whole body showering one with the light surrounding and protecting one from any future unwanted energy preventing one’s flow as a channel. The energy will leave one feeling refreshed, balanced and grounded. This can be used for the purpose of bringing in more Light for healing or increasing the ability to work with and channel all forms of Light for healing, or to  awaken a greater ability to use psychic or intuitive gifts. This can help Reiki Masters in their practice as well as self . You do not have to be attuned to Reiki to receive this wonderful energy. $27.50 USD

*Telepathic Gene Awakening-Our newest energy system Telepathic Gene Awakening shall awaken any genes in your body that are responsible for giving your brain the ability to interpret and consciously send telepathic thoughts. This is an awakening energy to use often. It will vastly increases your ability to use gifts that your spirit and soul are already accustomed to using for communication.. 🙂  This course and attunement will open and increase your natural ability to control what telepathy transmissions you receive and turn their volume up or down. 🙂 $27.50

*Clairsentient Awakenings-Clairsentient means “clear sensing”. This powerful energy opens you to the ability to feel and know the answers to questions and to perceive information at a distance. Lean how to put your consciousness in various places while you perceive feelings and information from other people, places, animals and times. Excercises to help your improve your abilities included in PDF booklet.  Anyone can awaken their clairsentient abilities. When using these energies often, you will suddenly just ‘know’ things that you are sure you didn’t ‘think’ up. Energy Healers can use during a session for a client to ‘look’ at their body and help them know what may be causing them to have various physical symptoms of distress. You do not need to be an Energy Healer to use these energies! This can help in daily life for anyone.  3 Levels, 3 Attunements-$50.00 USD

*Body Toxic Cleansing-While most things are eliminated through the endocrine gland systems, some things are retained by the body indefinitely, this is where Body Toxic Cleansing can help. This energy system gently flush out toxins and heavy metals, purification of blood, clearing and healing brain chemistry, healing profiles for the chakras, meridians, strangeflows, nadis and energetic system. Healing profiles for optimal circulation of prana/chi/life force energy throughout their energetic bodies, organs, systems. Healing profiles to help clear out and heal negative, dark, heavy, slow-moving, stuck, congested, damaged, blocked energies and more! $20.00 Special Price

* Higher Emotional flux- is an excellent tool for mental, emotional and also for physical cleansing. This energy works to promote emotional balance and patience and perseverance.  This energy gives a soothing and calming energy effect. It draws negative energy out from the body and replaces it with positive energy. $25.00 USD

* Pyschic Orb Empowerment-Aids in the development of your psychic abilities. It will open your psychic vision and will continue every day after attunement. (When purchasing course and attunement)  See Discount page for more detailed information. $25.00 USD

* Adrenal Care-Adrenal Care Shakti™ arrives unto you during a healing or  when you accept your attunement and actively attends to reversing adrenal fatigue. Over active adrenals or lack of function can make many other systems in your body go awry.If you have problems sleeping, lack of energy, new allergy problems, musculoskeletal, autoimmune, metabolic or hormonal issues, your adrenals could be in need of assistance. Stress causes problems for your adrenals. Adrenal Care Shakti™ brings harmonization within the body that helps many body systems work in synergy instead of against one another.Adrenal Care Shakti™ helps to balance, replenish and reset your adrenals-$27.50 USD

 * Pain Release Reiki Flush-Works as a timed release pain flush to be used in conjuction with, not as a replacement to any medical care you are receiving now. This energy will deeply penetrate timed release healing into your cells. Can easily be activated and used when needed for any type of pain.  One Attunement & Manual-$25.00 USD

* Beauty Sleep-Simple but profoundly effective energy system which helps you combat insomnia and increase your rest quality. By performing Beauty Sleep meditation, just before sleep, it also useful to draw healing energies of just the right frequency towards yourself. Through the quantum energy spaces, you make bed time a time of true rest and restoration for all parts of the mind and body. Its energy is very soothing and has strong healing benefits. You will be able to re-charge and balance yourself and balance your mind and body at any time of the day. One Attunement-$27.50 USD

* Excess Fat Care™- is a simple and comprehensive energy system comprised of a flush and Shakti to help your body reduce excess fat. Care is required to escort out of the body any toxins your cells release as fat is reduced. Includes Metabolizer Shatki which assists your body to reduce excess fat in your body’s cells naturally. Cell Memory Flush is designed to energetically flush away old emotions released as your body’s excess fat is metabolized. Also includes Toxin Escort Shakti to help escort toxins that your body may have stored in your fat. You will feel these energies working right away, use often. One Attunement & PDF Manual. Special $27.50 USD

* Tooth Care-Is a comprehensive energy system for the care of all parts of your teeth and gums. Gum Health Enhancement, Enamel Protector and Tooth Root Repair Shatki are included! Also Ethereal hydrocodone so you may use less physical pain medication. You can activate them separately or you can just let the tooth care run daily if needed. You will feel this energy work! Use often as needed-$30.00 USD

See Service or Discount page for more detailed information or email us and we will send more information, if needed. You can order directly from website under Services or Discount page. If you don’t see the paypal link you need, please email us and we will send you one.

All PDF Manuals are sent within 24 hours and attunements are sent within 1-5 days. Thank you!

Always consult your Physician, healthcare, or service provider early or when the need urgent medical help. This does not replace any medical advice or procedures.

Love & Light,

Rita Rooks, Reiki Master & Natural Energy Healer