What Are Attunements?

What Are Attunements?

It is an energy empowerment/initiation (sometimes called an ‘energy lesson’) that is passed from someone who has already been attuned to that energy frequency so that they may ‘learn’ that vibration, connect with it and channel it in the future by aligning with it through various methods including mantra, symbols and intention. The attunements for Reiki Courses and Energy systems are very similar and can be used and called into your energy field the same way.


When we are connected to these various vibrations, we can use them for healing work, during meditation and for spiritual development depending on the modality and the means of accessing and using the energy. We can ‘give’ to client in person or by appointment long distance or in Chi Ball and the recipient can ‘call it in’ to their energy field when they can relax in the environment they feel comfortable in, whether it be at home, near ocean, lake etc. Light a candle, listen to music, relax and let the energies flow for 15 to 30 minutes.

We can use these ‘energies’, attunements  to help heal others, heal ourselves and to send or give during or after healings. These energies are great if you already practice Reiki to help yourself and your clients. If you don’t practice Reiki or any other healing modalities you can help heal yourself and help family and friends! You can purchase the courses-attunements separately or with a healing and activate it whenever needed!  Prices range from $25.00-$100.00 Inquire within for more detailed information.

Attuned Master Reiki Rita has been attuned to the following energy systems:

* Usui Reiki Master – 7 attunements
* Kundalini Fire Activation Reiki Master – 9 attunements
* PH Balance
* Adrenal Care Shatki
* Chakra Balancing-Rainbow Technique
* Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
* Shaman Empowerments- 16 empowerments
* Amara-Omni-Healing Goddess
* Pleidian DNA Activation & Clearing- 7 attunements
* The Orb of Life-help carry energies
* Magical Lightworkers Program – 7 attunements
* Healing Touch Of Jesus – 6 attunements
* Inner Angel Activation
* Blood Care- 2 Attunements-Helps cleanse blood and adjust after infusions
* Skin Care-skin irritations, cell growth, allergies, acne
* Ethereal Crystal Healing – 9 attunements

* Violet Flame Attunement
* Weight Loss Flush
* Multi-Dimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation
* Psychic Protection Flame
* Cosmic Blood System-Builds up white and red blood cells

*Body Toxic Cleansing

*Blood Care Booster

*Lung Care

*Psychic Orb Emopowerment

*Abundant Mindset Activation

*Allergy Protection

*Back Care

*CranialSacral Care

*Birth Trauma

*Balance All

*Beauty Sleep

*Cancer Relief

*Chiropractic Care

*DNA Reiki

*Excess Fat Care

*Location Reiki

*Inner Angel Awakening

*Hormone Care

*Pain Release Reiki Flush

*Tooth Care

*Weigh Loss Flush

*Clairsentient Awaking Empowerment

*Diamond Reiki to enhance Crystal healing

* Cosmic Healing Energy

* We are planning on doing, Heart, Herbs, Bone Care, Diabetes and MANY more! Make a request, we will try and do what is best for YOU!!

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Thank you for visiting and I would love to help you or anyone you know! Message me anytime! Blessings!

Love & Light

Rita Rooks, Master Reiki and Natural Energy Healer